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Who we are

WHITE is a memorable and cherished colour theme for dreamy weddings. White On White – a Premium Rose Boutique is born out to pursue a beautiful connection with customers through our handcraft bouquets. Be it reserved for whatever the important occasion or just an extraordinary day or simply a regular day.

What we do

At White On White, we bespoke each bouquet meticulously and curate it beautifully with only premium and freshest blooms. Our core is Premium ROSE Series. We arrange and deliver the flower bouquet with the greatest care direct to your door.


Our vision is to become the most trusted, creative, and human-centered brand in the floral gifting industry, adding more beauty and emotions to people’s lives.


Our mission is to express the most genuine emotions and messages through floral gifting, crafting each bouquet to speak its own unique language. We believe that every gift of flowers is a special opportunity to convey heartfelt emotions and blessings.

Why White On White

White On White, the most elegant of all colour combinations.

And we’re not talking about a pair of white pants and a white shirt—we’re talking about the purest form of all-white floristry: fresh, fragrant, and beautiful without any fancy accessories.

What do we mean by “fancy accessories”? Well, here’s an example: when you see a bride walking down the aisle in a stunning white gown, what do you think she’s going to be carrying? A bouquet that is as gorgeous as her dress? Or something that looks like it was created at a craft fair?


The latter just isn’t going to cut it—and neither are we. We want to create floral bouquets that are beautiful in their purest form and will look outstanding even against a plain white wall. In other words, we want to create stunning white bridal bouquets that complement the equally gorgeous white bridal gowns they’ll be worn with.

We take this challenge seriously—and we’re sure you do too!


Customer First

We place the interest of our customers as the top priority and respect each of them.

We aim to meet and exceed each customer's expectation

improve everyday
Improve Everyday

We believe that small changes make a significant impact.

Daily incremental progress towards improvement opens new doors, allowing the team members to be proactive and do their best by taking initiatives.


We are vibrant, lively, and energetic people when we are on board at work.

Fun is the key ingredient, and it is our secret superpower in daily operations that improve workplace productivity with a cheerful, happy, and in positive environment.


We do the 'RIGHT' thing and we are committed to honesty and transparency with our customers, team members, and communities.


We value each team member's contribution, differing opinions, and accountability.


We are accountable as we take charge of our business, and team members stand behind their work and are responsible for each other actions.


When Weng Seng set up White On White in 2018, he had one aim in mind. “I wanted to bespoke elegant, imported blooms & stylish bouquet, beautifully wrapped and presented to Ipoh market. I hoped people would love it”.

Weng Seng drew on his business experience working as an artisan florist. With a strong sense of floral colors and design, a decade of passion for flowers, multiple floral art competitions outside Malaysia, and a hands-on visionary, it has proved to be a winning combination, establishing White On White as a premier brand name. Expansion to Penang and Petaling Jaya in 2021 has proven to be an abundant move since delivery & technology have enabled us to reach customers effectively.

“It never fails to surprise me when I receive calls or feedback about our flowers from other parts of Malaysia,” says Weng Seng. “It’s amazing to think from a small retail store in Ipoh, we continuously build a reputation for quality and innovation.”


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Phone Number: 0176775783

3, Persiaran Greentown 8, Pusat Perdagangan Greentown, 30350
(Beside Maxis Centre)