This is the Dashboard page – which shows the overview insight to your account’s activities.

  • Referrals – list of referrals successfully converted
  • Visits – number of visits clicked via your referral link
  • Conversion Rate – percentage of successful conversion over visits
  • Unpaid Referrals – number of unpaid referrals
  • Paid Referrals – number of paid referrals
  • Unpaid Earning – amount of unpaid earning
  • Paid Earning – amount of paid earning


这一个是 Dashboard 的页面 – 这里是显示您代理的帐户活动。

  • Referrals – 成功推荐名单的明细表
  • Visits – 通过您的推荐链接点击的访问次数
  • Conversion Rate – 访问成功转化的百分率
  • Unpaid Referrals – 未付费的推荐数量
  • Paid Referrals – 已付费推荐的数量
  • Unpaid Earning – 未付款的收入金额
  • Paid Earning – 已付款的收入金额

Affiliate URLs

Affiliate URL allows you to generate & copy your exclusive referral links.

You can also create specific Campaign for specific tracking. For example,  create a campaign named as January Facebook Ads, which aims to track the visits & referrals generated from Facebook ads ongoing in January.

  • Referral URL – share this link to your prospect and convert sales
  • Referral URL Generator – use this to generate specific referral URLs for campaign (for eg. Jan-Facebook)

Affiliate URL 允许您复制您自己的推荐链接。

您还可以创建特定的 Campaign 于特定的迳迹。 例如, 创建一个名为“一月脸书(FB)广告”, 这样你就可以追踪“一月脸书(FB)广告”所得到的访问和推荐数据。

  • Referral URL – 将此链接分享给您的潜在客户并转换销售

  • Referral URL Generator – 使用这个特定的推荐链接创建活动,例如:“一月脸书(FB)广告”。

Statistic, Graphs

Statistic page – which allows you to get insight from past performances from account & campaigns.

Statistic 页面 – 您可以从代理帐户和广告活动系列的过去表现中获得统计数据。

Graphs page shows the data in graph format

Graphs 页面以图表格式显示数据。

Referrals, Payouts, Visits

Referrals page shows the list of payout associated to account

Referrals 页面显示转介关联的列表。

Payouts page shows the list of payout associated to account

Payouts 页面显示支出关联的列表。

Visits page shows the list of payout associated to account

Visits 页面显示浏览关联的列表。

Affiliate URLs

Creative page contains graphic materials/promotion banners/artworks design readily to be downloaded. The embedding HTML code is also available for use.

Creative 页面包含易下载的商品图片/促销文案/商品设计。嵌入的 HTML 代码也可供使用。