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Psychology & Flowers Series

An Ultimate Guide to Your Unique Enneagram Flower Types

Is it your first time coming across Enneagram Flower?

We all have heard about the Zodiac, Horoscope, MBTI test, or even
Human Design, which tells us about our core personality, emotional
patterns, and how we view the world while discovering our true selves.

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Customers' Guide
Customers' Guide

8 Useful Tips to Know When Buying Flowers Online

In Malaysia, the growing demand for customers buying flowers online has led to a rise in the number of online flower delivery services. As one of the fastest growing sectors, there are more than 10,000 online florists on the web.

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Flower Care Tips

How To Care For A New Delivered Flower

Now the new bundle of joy is with you. What’s next?

Each of us would love the flower to be long-lasting. A little extra care has its perks! We highly suggest these flower care tips so to upkeep your bouquet, flower basket, and floral stand arrangement looking pristine.

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