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39 Beautiful Heart Warming Messages & Quotes For Mother’s Day

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It is that precious time of the year- Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14, 2023! It is a day that reminds you of the priceless value of moms in your life.

At times, it can be challenging to express gratitude and appreciation, typically for those who are detached and less vocal in emotions. How about you? Let’s pluck in some courage and extend a thoughtful love note and wishes to all beautiful moms.

We have curated a collection of heart-warming Mother’s Day messages, quotes, and heart-touching sayings that suit most types of moms. Asian moms specifically! Get on your creativity and add a personal touch to it in the end. Sending lots of love- XOXO.

Heart Warming Messages Mother's Day | For MOM

A mother is like a mighty mountain that provides us with unwavering support. She is like a vast sea that nourishes us to our depths. Mother is like a skilled navigator who secures our boat with the rope of life’s journey.

This Mother’s Day, take a moment to thank her and let your words be a tribute to her unconditional love. Your sweet ode to the unique bond you share and nourish!

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  1. Mom is like the captivating charm of flowers that brighten our eyes with beauty. She is the refreshing breeze that rejuvenates our souls with vitality; the exquisite allure of wine that helps us forget our sorrows. This enchantment message is here to bless you this Mother’s Day.
  2. Deep within our mouths, countless words are tucked away. In my heart, emotions are hidden, and feelings often remain concealed. On this Mother’s Day, let me bring them all to light, revealing how much I love you. With all happiness and good health, may every day be a kiss.
  3. A home without a mother is wilderness, chaos, and turmoil. I am thankful as we all have as our heartthrob.
  4. Mom, your love has been a guiding light, hand in hand through sunshine and rain. In your embrace, we feel the warmth that nothing can restrain. Under your loving gaze, may the world’s greatest mother feel pure delight!
  5. If I could be a rattan chair, I would offer you- Mom, a comfy spot, a place to rest when you are weary. If I could be a sturdy cane, you can lean on it when you are sleepy. On this special day, I like to be your padded jacket to snug on, keeping you warm and cozy. You deserve all the love and attention; I am your BIGGEST FAN in the world.
  6. Mom, you are clothed with strength and dignity and laugh without fear of the future. When you speak, your words are wise, and I am grateful you always give instructions with kindness.
  7. Working moms are brave pioneers, embarking on a daring experiment, proving sleep is just an optional concept in the realm of human existence. You navigate a busy life with superhuman abilities, juggling work and family with steadfast determination. Thank you for being my superhero mom.

Heart Warming Quotes Mother's Day | For Grandma

Your grandma, whether her delicious fresh-baked kuih kapit or a treasure trove of family photo albums she has collected – this loving soul is precious. Love her dearly! Our grandma has done countless wonderful deeds for her generations- she is a second mother to us!

If your grandma/ por por/ ma ma is still with you today, show her your appreciation. Her presence is a blessing to be cherished.

heart warming messages mother's day

8. A grandma hugs you with warm and sweet memories. She recalls all of your accomplishments and forgets all of your mistakes. – Barbara Cage

9. A grandmother is a babysitter who watches the kids instead of the television. – Unknown

10. Grandma is professional at being marvellous. She can soothe us even when we do something bad. – Unknown

11. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love. The relationship is simple and loving. – Janet Lannese

12. Grandma do not just say, that’s nice. She reels back and then throws up her hands and smile. You get your money’s worth out of grandma – Unknown

13. Granny’s love is like the colourful patchwork quilt. She made it with care, warmth, and endless patience. Your tapestry of love and memories never fades from my heart.

14. A grandma holds our tiny hands for that little while, but she holds our hearts forever. To the most outstanding grandma, thank you for being a rock during my most vulnerable days.


Heart Warming Mother's Day Quotes | For Wife

Demonstrate to your woman that you recognize her obstacles and challenges of being a mom. Or throw in some puns to make her giggle for this special day.


15. Being a mom requires a woman to be brave yet courageous for herself, and for her child, and to be special in that she loves her child more than herself – Unknown

16. My dear wife, you are the pinnacle of perfection and love for us. I am grateful and thank you for being a model worth emulating. Happy Mother’s Day to you – Unknown

17. Tonight, you are so beautiful my love, you are the charming wife with a lot of wordy words, but still, you are the best in my life. – Unknown

18. You are incredible as a wife, always a brilliant mother and a phenomenal woman. Thank you for showing up in my life as all that you do makes my life more content. Have a sensational Mother’s Day. – Unknown

19. Your kindness with your commitment to the family is the definition of my life. It is so remarkable because of YOU! Happy Mother’s Day – unknown

20. Life is so much fun and better with you around as I love to have someone like you to get freaked out even when there is nothing to freak out about, lol! You are the best! – Unknown

21. Happy Mother’s Day to you wifey! Thank you for transferring all your adorability and insanity to our kids on this special day – Unknown

22. My lovely wife, you are so wholesome as always and thank you for being my best friend. Just like Tom and Jerry, I am blessed to have you in my life, yay! – Unknown

23. You are the main powerhouse of strength in my life. Life is not the same without your presence. Love you to the moon, wifey! – Unknown

24. My sweet honey, your smile glows like the flowers blooming in the spring breeze. Is it cringe to say that? Let me take over being the one who cooks tonight! Happy Mother’s Day! - Unknown

Heart Warming Thank You Quotes | For All MOM

Who are the special ladies in your life who are moms? The females at workplace, your clients, or even your bestie. What about taking a moment to express your appreciation with a heartfelt message? A simple one that can really make their day more awesome!


25. It turns out that amazing sister makes an amazing mothers. You are someone who tops the list in both categories. Happy Mother’s Day to you Sis! – Unknown

26. Single mom- You are a doctor, a nurse, a maid, a heroine, a provider, a defender, and a strong protector. In my eyes, you are a true superwoman. Wear your cape proudly and rock the world – Unknown

27. The role of an aunt is sometimes surrogate mother, and other times a friend, a mentor, and advisor. You are so amazing! Thank you for every moment we get to share together – Unknown

28. I have seen you being a friend, a wife, and now a mother. In each role, you have been caring and compassionate. My wish for you on this Mother’s Day is to take some time off, breathe in with a purpose, and be proud of the gift you are to all of us. You are irreplaceable! – Unknown

29. Happy Mother’s Day to you, my dearest sister. I am so proud of you and giving you the best credits for producing the greatest niece and nephew ever! – Unknown

30. Kudos to the rockstar mom! I am here to remind you how amazing you are and deserve an utmost admiration for your resilience and strength – Unknown

31. What makes you an outstanding AUNT is your openness and acceptance of me. Thank you for loving me despite my flaws and shortcomings. Thank you for being you too! – Unknown

32. My fabulous Aunt! You got it all – a rare beauty, charm, style, and grace which are captivating. We are grateful for the light you bring into the family! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Quotes | For Heaven Mom

Aw, Mom has gone and left this world with treasurable memories. Yet she can still sense your undying love from the other side of the world.


33. Wishing to hear your calming voice one last time, mom! – Unknown

34. If I had a flower for every time I think about you, I could walk in my own garden forever. Missing you Mom- Unknown

35. Mom, you left us with beautiful memories and your love is still our guide as always. – Unknown

36. Before you left, I always wondering why mom wanted me to be strong. She always knew that someday; I will hold that source of power to bear her loss – Unknown

37. Those we love to stay around as they walk beside us each day. Though unseen and unheard but always near, still missed, and held us so dear- Unknown

38. Dear mom, though you are no longer with me, your love still shines brightly. Another Mother’s Day passes by, I find comfort in the memories we have shared, and you are always with me in spirit – Unknown

39. If visiting hours existed in heaven, I would rush to see you- Mom, and wish you a happy Mother’s Day. – Unknown

Spotted the heart warming messages that are ideal for your mom? If yes, refer below on how you can use the quote to your best advantages


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