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5 Ways How To Break Up with Daily Stress

how to break up with stress banner
how to break up with stress banner
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Dear stress, let’s break up!

‘Preciosa, how have you all been handling yourself lately? ‘

April 2022 is the annual Stress Awareness Month, it is a good time we can voice out the ‘’S’’ word. People from all walks of life encountered stress, typically during the roaring pandemic time, which drove massive pressure and a multitude of changes in daily life.

It seems like the coronavirus pandemic era has receded gradually, and more familiar ways of doing things have returned. Wouldn’t that be a good sign that we can undo some of the changes that have taken place in the recent past?

What are Common Stressors?

The most common stressors are work, relationships, and finances. Identify which stressors impact you the most. Take note of that so you can recognise it and adopt a different way to handle the stress. We have listed several ways below how you minimise these stressors.

Let it Go

So many changes have taken place beyond our control and yet there are certain things that you are unable to change.

That is okay, accept that and simply let that go without getting distressed.

For example, you have no choice but to drive or commute during rush hour, but you can relax at this time by listening to a podcast or your favourite tunes.            

Let it go
5 ways how to break up with daily stress blog

Make Boundaries

Does, “let me get back to you” or “my bad, I was asleep” sound familiar?

Boundaries are important to keep yourself sane and less stressful as it assists you to say ‘NO’ when it is required. If you feel obligated to do things for others that will make you less contented or unwilling, embrace the word ‘NO’.

Set the limits on how much time we spend with certain people and how many tasks we can take on. ‘NO’ is a powerful word for self-advocacy and self-care.

Do Things That You Truly Enjoy

You deserve a pick-me-up simple pleasure when stress hits you down.

There are endless things to mention here such as watching comedy movies, a karaoke sing-out-loud session, having a meal with friends, listening to music, a facial with a massage, getting a bouquet to display in your home or workspace can boost mood, playing with your pets, play a game or even read your favourite books.

Choose one and do it that is a priority for you.

5 ways to break to break up with stress blog

Workout/ Exercise

It might not be everyone’s favourite to hit the gym or yoga class, so pitch the way to exercise at home. The quarantine period has motivated many individuals to take classes virtually or simply watch a youtube tutorial to get sweating.

A brisk walk in the morning or a simple stretch before bedtime will improve your mood and sleep quality.

15-20 minutes each day either on powerful cardio hit, fun kpop dance, mellow qigong, gentle pilates or mindfulness meditation, there is an endless choice for you to tap on.

Connect and communicate with loved ones

Depending on individuals, being social during a stressful period has its pros.

Go and surround yourself with the one that motivates you, fulfills you, hears you out, and be present for you in a trustful environment. Be it your friends or family members.

Reach out to them and take their opinions positively with an open mind even though there might be a contrasting perspective.

friendship flower Bouquet

A word from White On White

It is vital to keep stress at a manageable level for your overall well-being. Therefore, be kind to yourself and experiment with different stress relief strategies to manage life’s ups and downs in a healthier way.


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