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8 Fascinating Tulip Facts That You Are Unaware Of

Fascinating Tulip Facts
6 Popular Tulip Colour Meanings
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Tulip flower enthusiast, how much do you love and know about the stunning flower?

If you are brand new to the world of tulips, you’ll be astounded to get to know the rich history and facts of these popular spring flowers. Read on to discover further.

Tulip- The National Flower

6 Popular Tulip Colour Meanings
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Today, the iconic Tulips are well-recognized as the national flowers of these four countries- Turkey, Netherlands, Hungary, and Afghanistan. 

Historically, tulips grew on the slopes of mountains in southwestern Turkey. It became the Persian empire’s golden assets in the 10th century-mainly Iran, Kazakhstan & Afghanistan. 

Soon, the Persian Sultan adopted tulips flower to his ‘turban’ as his outfit finishing touch. The word ‘Tulipa’ is form which resembles the flower, alternatively known as the ‘King of Bulbs’.

In the 15th century, Sultan Suleiman gifted tulip bulbs to the western rulers whereby they traveled to other parts of Europe countries.

The Netherlands of the Dutch were so obsessed with the flowers, and today,  it became the “flower shop of the world”.

Tulip Mania aka Bitcoin Craze

How much would you fork out for a bunch of tulips these days? None of us today would have thought that the Tulips was the Bitcoin of the 17th century. 

It was estimate that a single ‘Sempur Augustus’ tulip bulb spawned an outrageous cost of 150 Florence which is equivalent to $25,000 in today’s currency. We get the idea that it is the cost of a house in that century.

The phenomenon is dub as ‘Tulip Mania’ when the trading of tulips is crashed and wreaked havoc on the Dutch economy.

6 Popular Tulip Colour Meanings
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Tulip Flower Break Virus

One can find that there are plenty of solid color tulips, while others are with stripes, streaks, bars, or flame-like effects.

The term ‘Tulip Breaking’ shows that the tulip petal color transforms into a multicolored stripes. The causes of the different tulip stripe on the petals is a virus spread by a bug called Aphids.

The beautiful and rare ‘Sempur Augustus’ tulip is  resulted from the virus infection, making it one of the priciest tulip varieties in the Tulip Mania era.

Today, the virus is still being used to alter the tulip’s DNA but without aphids. 

Tulip Varieties and Colours

Based on estimation, there are more than 3,000 registered types of tulips. These tulips are then divide into 15 groups.

Each group of tulips are based on the flower type type, sizes, and the blooming period of the flowers.

These 15 distinct groups of tulips are all registered with the Royal General Bulb Growers’ Association in Netherlands.

6 Popular Tulip Colour Meanings
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One can find the popular springtime tulip flowers exist in every color in the rainbow.

Be it red, pink, purple, yellow, green, orange, or the bi-colored. The only non-existence tulips colors are blue and true black.

In the language of flowers, each tulips shades holds a meaning behind which to be expressed to the sender. 

6 Popular Tulip Colour Meanings
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Tulips – Emergency Food Supply

During WW2, tulip bulbs was a famine food for the Dutch, and used as replacement for onion in cooking.

The skin must be peel, and centers are remove as it is poisonous. The bulbs are stew for as long as cooking potatoes generally.

Meanwhile, tulip petals can be eaten raw or cooked since it is flavorful and often used as garnishes for salad. 

**Note: We strongly discourage to use a tulips bouquet sold as a food ingredient as it is not serve for food consumption.

Tulips – Medicinal Uses & Cosmetic Benefits

Tulip petals is excellent for relieving the inflammation and burning of bee stings, skin rashes, insect bites, and burns. Quick prep for this includes boiling water and crushes the petals together, then applying it to the affected skin area.

The incredible tulip flowers can treat cough, cold, sinus pain, hay fever, and headache since it has antiseptic and diuretic properties to treat such. 

Alternatively, tulip extracts are well-known to be a cosmetic agent in the form of creams, lotions, and essential oils to treat dry sensitive skins. 

Tulips – New Registered Names

The growing numbers of tulip varieties rake up to 8,000 on the list in 2021. Generally, many people are unaware how the tulip names are being place.

Unlike other flowers, tulips is grown from a bulb. A new tulip variety will take about 20 years for the growers to create enough tulip bulbs before introducing to the public. Growers will bring the new tulip variety to Keukenhof’s Greenhouse Pavilion for a display showing it to the audience. 

When a person wants to have a tulip name on their own, a ceremony is arrange to baptize the tulips. New tulip’s name is given and registered along with a copy of a certificate. Among the famous ones are called ‘Strong Gold, Leen Van Mark, and the Viking. 

Think about how cool to own a name for your tulip!

Cut Tulips Vase-life

The cut tulips are known to dance in the vase. You can arrange it straight upright in the tall vase or place it indoors.  On next day, you’d find the playful tulips are drooping all over in the different directions.

These flowers are very responsive to sunlight, and it keep growing after being cut. It proves as a long-lasting cut flower ideally for indoor décor. 

With a few wise tips on hand, one can explore how to have fun with the tulip’s erratic manner:

  1. Condition the tulips by cutting the base stem by about 2cm with a sharp knife. This helps the tulip’s water uptake channels to open. Trim off any unnecessary section as desired.
  1. Fill up the vase with ice-cold water about ¼ up and throw in a few cube of ice. Place tulips into the vase with the plastic wrap on for about 30-45 minutes. This procedure prevents the wrapped tulips from the warm heat of the indoors, that trigger the tulips to flower up.
  1. Remove the plastic wrap when 30 minutes are due and refill the vase with new water. Place the bunch of tulips into the vase and top up water right below the tulip leaves.
  1. Tulips are a thirsty type of flower so ensure the water level is optimum daily. If time is not permitting, top up the water as the level lowers. Trim off the base stems as tulips grow and replace new waters in the vase. 

Note: Use a toothpick or a safety pin to poke through the base stem. Doing this will prevent the tulip to stop growing and no trimming is required.

  1. Please place tulips away from direct sunlight, electronic devices, and television sets. It is recommended to keep the tulips in a cool area.

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