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8 Useful Tips to Know When Buying Flowers Online

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8 useful tips to know when buying flowers online
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In Malaysia, the growing demand for customers buying flowers online has led to a rise in the number of online flower delivery services. As one of the fastest growing sectors, there are more than 10,000 online florists on the web.

One can purchase directly from a full-service individual online florist, Instagram florist, e-commerce platform florist, and even WhatsApp messaging florist. The choices are overwhelming for many consumers yet exciting for some since the flower supplies are booming.

Buying flowers online- why it matters to know more

Buying flowers online is a pretty straightforward process. Selecting the florist services in your local area is easily accessible too. The following valuable tips will make your online flower gifting experience more effortless and fun. 

1. Buy online flowers to match the occasions

You can buy flowers for any occasion, but each flower has a different meaning and significance for each holiday or event. It is important to find out what type of flowers your recipient will like. If you are sending them as a surprise, it is always best to get a clue about their favourite flower or colour. Or else, it is recommended to buy classic red roses or white lilies.

For instance, carnations are popular on Mother's Day because they signify faithfulness and love, while red roses represent romance on Valentine’s Day. However, it could be unideal for a work colleague whom you want to convey thanks.

2. Browse the online flower categories of the website

Flowers Catalogue and Categories
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If you are unsure which online florist to buy from, search for a trusted one in your area or ask for a friend’s recommendation. Friends can alert you if their experience was positive or neutral about the services.

A great online florist will have an extensive flower category that can be navigated easily and offer a variety to match a specific occasion.

Optimal pricing, sizes, types of flowers, packaging, and relevant information are all displayed for your decision-making. Compare at least two online florists that catch your attention with multiple choices.

View our flower product categories here…


3. Get online flower personalisation advice from florist before placing an order

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Most top florists offer personalized flower arrangements to customers on their websites. It is a request-based service that requires you to communicate on the message pop-out or a voice call to get your personalization correct.

Know what comes in the flower arrangement so you can get a unique personalisation or idea for your flower gifting before finalising your online order. You can also find out more about the order process, delivery, and any specific queries that you need clarification for.

At White On White, we can cater to your personalized bouquet requests crafted by our in-house floral experts.

4. Find out the delivery time and location covered

Flower delivery and location services
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When ordering flowers online, double-check the delivery times for different days of the week and times of the day. Most online florist offers standard delivery, same-day delivery or next-day delivery if orders are placed before certain time of the day.

Let’s say you want to surprise a special one on a birthday before midnight. Or perhaps you prefer an outstation delivery.

These will help ensure that your loved one gets flowers on time and that the florist can cater delivery anytime and anywhere.

Certain flowers require advance pre-order so it is relevant to confirm with the florist that your order can reach the recipient on the desired time or preferred day.

5. Check how much the delivery cost for your order

When you add a flower order into the check-out cart, the delivery cost will be automatically calculated based on the delivery address. You are given an option either for a local pick-up at the store or a flat rate of delivery cost to the recipient’s door.

6. Read the website terms and conditions

read the website terms and conditions
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When buying flowers online, make sure to check out the terms and conditions which are listed before placing the order button. Go through each of them including a substitution policy, a refund policy, a cancellation policy, and a privacy policy. You can evaluate if your expectations and what is offered are being met

7. Go through past customers’ online reviews

customers feedback and review
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The comments or feedback from previous customers are an asset to get a real insight into the floral services. It helps you conclude whether to buy from the existing online florist and is worth your bucks.

8. Add a note or message to the flower gifting

send personalised message to flower gift
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If you are buying flowers online for someone as a gift, consider adding a personalised message to your order. A custom message that compliments the flowers will be directed to the recipient to understand the meaning behind your gestures.

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Once you are well aware of the points discussed in this article, you will be able to order flowers online with confidence and joy. One thing is for sure: the only thing you'll be missing out on is the smell of fresh flowers!

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