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An Ultimate Guide to Your Unique Enneagram Flower Types

Enneagram Flowers type blog banner
Enneagram Flowers type blog banner

Is it your first time coming across Enneagram Flower? Did you know there is a personality test called Enneagram that delves even deeper into your psyche?

We all have heard about the Zodiac, Horoscope, MBTI test, or even Human Design, which tells us about our core personality, emotional patterns, and how we view the world while discovering our true selves.

What is Enneagram?

Enneagram (九型人格) is a personality test that reveals nine distinct character types, one of which includes three variations that make up your unique personality profile. It is known to help you access areas in your life where self-awareness can bring positive change.

Get to know your true Enneagram Number below:

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Knowing your Enneagram number is a powerful thing. Picking the right flowers for your home, workplace, or even wedding may be challenging if you are unsure how each type of flower resonates with each personality type.

9 Types of Personality

By finding out which is personality your type, you will be able discover more about yourself. In addition, Enneagram help others to identify their own type, and learn how different types relate to one another. The guide below shows you the types of flower that would suit you best!

Type 1 Enneagram Flower - Lavender

enneagram flowers type 1

Those who belong to Enneagram 1 are called The Idealist/ The Reformer/ The Perfectionist. Type 1 is the most serious, ambitious, and hardworking among the rest of the group. They have a strong sense of duty and loyalty, which make them appear rigid or staid to others. Apart from that, the Idealist is highly principled, who makes reliable friends , and usually very self-aware of their own flaws.

The Idealist is certainly attracted to Lavender flowers. The elegant presence of this flower hints at grace and femininity with a message from its appearance and aroma. The lavender flower is a symbol of peace, tranquility, and relaxation. Lavender has a calming effect and aesthetic benefits which complement the Idealist during a stressful period.

Best tip for Enneagram type 1: Pause for a little and be kinder to yourself and others.  

Type 2 Enneagram Flower - Rose

the given enneagram-flowers-2

They can be generous, being a comforter and always try to bring happiness around, even if sometimes uneasy for them to show it. They are empathetic and passionate lovers but workaholics too. Generally, the Giver feels responsible for the entire world and faces a hard time learning, that not everyone works by their plans.

The Giver will adore Rose Flower, take note of this! Rose signifies special love, affection, and passion which best resembles the Giver- a selfless human and who gives unconditional love to people around them. Recommended premium rose series here!

What is the best tip for type 2? As much as you are serving others, you deserve the best ‘me’ time and make it a priority for yourself.

Type 3 Enneagram Flower- Tulip

Enneagram 3 Tulip Flower

Enneagram 3’s is called the Achiever for a reason. They are hardworking, ambitious, and productive. They set out on goals, both professionally and personally.

The Achiever has the desire to be accepted by others for who they are. This need for approval can drive them to become skilled at reading people’s emotions so that they can relate to them more easily. Type 3 personality is often charming as they have a way of drawing people in with enthusiasm and warmth.

Tulip is a flower that is relatable to Enneagram type 3 personality. It symbolizes motivation and ambition. The perfect gift for an Enneagram type 3 would be a bouquet of yellow or pink tulips! Pink tulips signify confidence and happiness, while yellow tulips present a cheery disposition!

Little tip for Enneagram 3: Be genuine and let your true soul shine by allowing others to know you as you are. Speak to a confidant during a difficult time while welcoming the art of active listening into your life.

Hydrangea for Type 4 Enneagram


Now, let's get to know- The Individualist who has a strong sense of self, values uniqueness, and wants to be recognized for it. Type 4 folks need time alone to recharge. They can be very creative when solving problems, and excellent finding solutions to situations with others too.

People with the enneagram type 4 personality are usually very independent and prefer doing things in their own rather than relying on others for help. You are sensitive and empathetic toward others and surroundings too!

The Individualist personality goes well with Hydrangea. Hydrangea signifies understanding and sentiment which suits well for the vulnerable individual.

Enneagram 4 peeps! Your emotions matter so when overwhelm, practice breathing exercises to process it. Developing positive self-esteem leads to more enjoyable experiences for yourself as well as others with you!

Enneagram Flower Type 5 : Peony


Fellows Enneagram 5 are brilliant thinkers, the deep ones who can blow your mind with innovative thoughts. The Investigator is a genius who is capable to enlighten people and can do a lot of things on a wide scale. They are like the ‘crazy scientist’ who breaks the norm and can draw out new beliefs system compared to the old.

The unhealthy Investigator may withdraw from the world, disconnect feelings with others, and occasionally miss in action. This is how they cope while maintaining a balance in their world.

Which flower does the type 5 goes with? It is the Peony flower- the alluring, modest, and lucky bloom which is a great match. It symbolizes the power of creativity and intellectualism for daydreamers and thinkers.

Type 5s are recommended to get some time out and spend it with a friend. A short errand, a brisk walk, or a cuppa to connect with others can bring you joy. Smell Peonies too!

Carnation for Enneagram Type 6

Enneagram 6 Carnation Flower

Next up, The Supporter or The Loyalist is engaging, hard-working, and an excellent team player. Type 6 people needs a sense of security and places a high value on loyalty. A logical and dedicated tribe, these individuals are alert and well- prepared in advance if things go wrong.

As much as they are lending a hand to those who are close to them, the Supporter has a fear of losing independence. Good values are precious to them as much as they require a predictable safe environment to thrive.

Carnation- the flower of Love is the main star for the Supporter! It symbolizes devotion and commitment which makes sense to type 6 personality!

When not at their best, type 6 often worries and distrusts themselves due to past incidents. The best tip for the Supporter includes doing something new – for example ordering a new type of drink or taking a new route home. Start with small changes.

Enneagram Type 7 - Sunflower

Enneagram 7 Sunflower

Here comes the Type 7 who are The Enthusiast - fast-paced, people-oriented, and in love with new experiences. These individuals are fantastic at acquiring new skills, big picture thinkers, and are capable to see solutions from different directions.

The Enthusiast has a fear of missing out. They are always on the go and open for last-minute opportunities that makes their schedules full-on to the max. This tribe may feel burned out and struggle to focus task at hand when they notice newer experience comes to them.

No other flower matches type 7 like the Sunflower. The bright yellow Sunflower is associated with warmth, positivity and vitality that highlights The Enthusiast well. Which bees dislike Sunflowers? None, right? That fits so well into the description.

Enneagram 7 - Remember this! The spontaneous and outgoing person like you deserves to slow down, catch a breath and monitor your impulses.

Gladiolus- Type 8 Enneagram Flower

Enneagram 8 Gladiolus Flower

Those who are an Enneagram 8 type- The Protector, is often seen as fearless warriors- both powerful and capable of great kindness. Alternatively, known as The Challenger, these folks have a strong sense of justice and will stand up for what they believe in. In addition, they possess self-confidence and ambitious traits which can be hard to deal with because they always want to be right.

The Gladiolus is the Enneagram flower for type 8 with a strong symbolism of ‘those who have the sword of light’. Gladiolus is well-known for their strength, honour, and persistence message which describes The Protector.

Type 8 Protector has big hearts and the real power lies when you are inspiring and motivating others. Spend time doing workouts to get the extra energy out in you! Remember, you got this!

Lilac for Ennegram Type 9

the mediator

The Mediator/ Peacemaker of the Enneagram is very sensitive to the feelings of others and wants to please everyone. They are feeling-oriented and generally have a great sense of humour.

Nines tend to be more passive than other types and can often be overlooked because they are so easy-going and unassuming. They dislike conflict or negative energy, so they will try to avoid it if possible. However, they can be stubborn when they feel backed into a corner or forced into a decision against their will.

Lilac flowers are the symbol of love, protection, and tranquillity. The Mediator resembles all these traits and has a deep desire to bring peace in all aspects of their lives.

Due to inner sensitivity, type 9 shall spend time at a safe quiet place where you can feel the calmest. Put your thought in a journal and work out any pent-up emotions.

Nurturing Flower Bouquet for Your Enneagram Type

Whether you are working on self-improvement or trying to understand friends, partners, and family better, understanding the Enneagram can help you gain insight into yourself and others.

With better understanding, express your thanks, and appreciation by gifting them a bouquet of their Enneagram flowers type on any occasion.

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