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Anniversary Flowers – How To Choose One For Your Partner

Lavender love bouquet for birthday

Are you looking for that ideal anniversary flowers for your partner? Are you both celebrating a milestone anniversary soon?

Flowers are all-time a classic yet golden gift to communicate love and devotion. When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, there is nothing that beats more or more romantic than flowers! You can never go wrong with anniversary flowers, but it requires some prepping attention from your end.

We have listed a simple follow-through guide to help you be on top of your anniversary game. Here is everything you need to know on how to pick the anniversary flower bouquet for your other half:s

1. Think of the Milestone Anniversaries by Years

A milestone anniversary is known to be a call for CELEBRATIONS. It highlights the significant year in one’s marriage that is more notable than regular years.

Getting anniversary flowers that go by the year is a modest way to minimise hassles and genuinely present a thoughtful flower bouquet.

We compile the whole list of flowers that are specifically attached from 1 st to 50 th anniversary for a married couple:

2. Estimate Your Budget for Anniversary Flowers

Generally, anniversary flowers may be pricier for most people, which discourages them from buying flowers as a gift. On a positive note, there are plenty of options to decrease costs while getting a lovey-dovey flower bouquet.

Your budget will come into mind whether to get ONE type of flower or a few symbolic flowers. It could be a regular-size bouquet rather than a big, customized bouquet.

If budget presents to be an issue, go for a small premade flower arrangement. Florists can also help you to add a couple of flowers to an existing bouquet if you like other symbolic flowers.

If you are on the creative side, consider buying wholesale flowers and start arranging them yourself. It ensures that your anniversary flower bouquet is more meaningful with a personable touch.

3. Gather The Memories

There is a saying that Little Things Matter. Reflect on some memories whereby you noticed your partner lit up when she saw a tulip floral painting, a picture of specified flowers, or stunning blooms at a garden festival.

It could be the time spent on holiday trips together when she spotted floral memorabilia or the very first time you brought her flowers. When you incorporate all these gestures, that will make the anniversary flower bouquet more endearing.

4. Take note of the wedding flowers

Here is one of the most accessible ways to decide which anniversary flowers are appropriate. If you cannot recall any of your partner’s current favourite flowers, do not fret! A fondest memory is buying the same type of flowers as at the wedding!

Unsure of what type of wedding flowers? We get you covered too. Show a picture of your wedding flowers to the florist, and you can rest assured that they will sort it out for you.

View wedding bouquet here>>>>

5. Find out your partner’s favourite flower or colours

Well, this is an easy-peasy task. Ask your partner directly what they like about flowers and then pick a bouquet that sounds identical to their answer. Straight forward and time-saving way overall.

For example, your 5th anniversary is on its way and the flower listed is Daisy. If you come across knowing your partner dislikes daisy flowers, avoid getting the bloom.

If your partner does not have a particular favourite type of flower, consider asking them what their favourite colour is instead. Often with colours, it rarely goes wrong. You find out she has a unique indie aesthetic taste, then go all into bold colours. Forget the tradition and stick to your partner’s preferences.

Here is a quick guide to exploring the flower’s colours and meaning behind:

Sweet Love Bouquet for Birthdays and Friendship

6. Consider the number of flowers with their meaning

You shall check through the flowers listed from the 1 st to 50 th anniversary as above. Have you? What about we break it down further for you in terms of:

- the number of flowers and their meaning

A different number of flowers also carries unique messages to the recipient in the language of flowers. Skim through the number of flowers and discover which one resonates with your relationship most.


gentle love bouquet

Right now, you may possibly have to figure out the type of anniversary flower bouquet to get. Incorporating the number of flowers together will make the bouquet gift more sentimental and thoughtful.

7. Pick a different anniversary flowers style

Apart from the regular flower bouquet, why not go for an offbeat floral style? There are plenty of options to select from such floral box, flower basket, or even flowers in a vase! You can be as inventive as it is so to make an impression on your partner on this anniversary occasion.

Choose flower box & basket style. Click here……

And that’s it! This simple easy-to-follow guide for anniversary flowers is not limited to your significant other only. It is handy when it comes to selecting the anniversary flower gift for family members and friends too. If you encounter any doubts, White on White florist will be here to help you to mark the special occasion.



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