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Condolence Flowers to Client -Best Therapeutic of Flower Power

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What comes through your mind when sending condolence flowers to client? Suppose you have a great list of clients you are working with closely, and then out of the blue, you find out that a client is going through an emotionally rough time.

What is your first response when being informed of a sudden loss by your dear clients? Expressing condolences to clients means they are beyond that just business transactions only. These clients are valuable members of your business community. It shows you care about your client’s overall well-being and a human with thoughtfulness and compassion.

What therapetic power condolence flowers to client have when they get it?

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Assume you are far away from the client’s location, or you are unable to be there physically to pay your respect at the funeral.

Condolence flowers are a tangible symbol of support and care during difficult times. A simple gesture of yours delivering condolence flowers can mean so much.

  • You help to alleviate some of the isolation and loneliness that can come with a grieving client
  • You show your client that they are not alone. You are thinking of them as you care for their well-being
  • The condolence flowers you send provide a sense of closure as it marks the beginning of the mourning process. It serves as a reminder to take care of oneself during these delicate moments and allows your clients to grief
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The moment of comfort that comes with receiving condolence flowers is a small gesture. That little and meaningful gesture matters! It is the sense of connection you established with emotional support and care at a challenging time.

How To Send Condolence to your valuable Client through Flowers?

Sending a condolence flower arrangement too early or late may consider as an intrusion on the grieving process. We highlight a few important protocols below for your kind attention:

The Timing

  • As soon as you hear the news of a client’s loss, you can arrange to send condolence flowers to them

Type of Flowers

  • Go for white colour or light-coloured flowers
  • Bright and bold coloured flowers are inappropriate. For example, red roses have negative connotations in some religions.
Condolence Flowers

Personalisation & arrangement

  • Do add a personal touch to the condolence flowers such as personalise messages or a thoughtful note.

We have a list of condolence messages that you can refer to. Click here to get the condolence messages ready >>>

 Flower Delivery

  • Ensure the condolence flower delivery order arrives on the right date and time
  • Direct delivery is available, either to the client’s home or funeral location. Confirm with White On White team. 

What to consider when delivering condolence flowers to a client from different religion or belief?

While flowers are common for expressing sympathy or condolence, they might be inappropriate in some religions.

Please check if the grieving client and family have a religious affiliation first. It helps you to decide on the condolence flower arrangement.

Here are some examples of businesses that have expressed their compassion gesture with condolences flower

Types of religion and condolence flowers
  • Law firms send sympathy baskets with gourmet foods and snacks to a client who lost a loved one. There is a handwritten note expressing condolences and offering support.This little gesture helped to demonstrate the firm’s compassion and empathy, and the client gave the firm a glowing review on social media.
  • Financial services corporation sent an orchid plant to a client who had lost a family member. This gesture helped strengthen the relationship between the company and the client, and the client referred the financial service to other friends.
  • A marketing agency sent out a bouquet of white lilies to the client who experienced a loss. She attached a written note on a card and a gift card to a local restaurant. A small gesture is valuable to support the relationship and build long-lasting rapport.

A small yet meaningful act of sending flowers or plants to clients can distinguish you from your business competitors and cultivate stronger relationships.

Demonstrating humanity, compassion, and care is highly appreciated by clients, and it showcases your willingness to provide extra support during challenging times. By going the extra mile, you reinforce their loyalty to your business.

We love to be part of this journey with you and your client.  EXPLORE OUR CONDOLENCE FLOWERS Collection!


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