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Condolence Messages To Pen Down With Funeral Flowers Card

Farewell Stand for Condolence & Sympathy Flowers

Funeral flowers come into mind as a gift to express condolences to the deceased family when a loved one has departed.

At these difficult times of situation, sit down for a moment and think over a comforting, healing, or supportive message. The bereaved person’s family, relatives, and friends will mourn at these sorrowful times.

We want to give out a lending hand so you can use this guide and sample messages to source the appropriate words and express your compassion with funeral flowers. 

Funeral Flowers: Would you decide to send them?

A flower is the symbol of love in most cultures. It is considered as one of the best ways to show someone that you care.

Funeral flowers are a personal choice to demonstrate your respect and support to a deceased person and their family members. Sending funeral flowers as a condolence gift is an alternative way to express your grief and bid farewell to the bereaved person.

We highly suggest you consult directly with the deceased family to find out if it is right to send flowers to a funeral of a specific culture and religious background.

Funeral Flowers: Which one do you choose to send?

In general, white funeral flowers are a right fit, but other light colours such as yellow, pink, peach, and lilac are good to go with too. Please check with the funeral service theme to get the right colour.

Chrysanthemums, lilies, hydrangea, daisies, and carnations are the most chosen type of funeral flowers.

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Funeral Flowers and Messages for Friend

Funeral Flowers

When a friend has suddenly passed away, it is much needed to attach a sympathy support message. We include some sample messages for you to pen down on a card to a friend that you know well personally.

#1 [Insert name] Friends may come and go, but you imprinted a remarkable chapter in our friendship. It is so hard to say goodbye, and you are missed!

#2 I am searching for the right words to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Please let me know what I can do to support and assist you. When you are ready, ring me anytime so I can be there for you.

#3 [Insert name], as a friend of yours, I do my best to offer you a thoughtful ear if you like to talk and a shoulder to lean on. I’ll be there for you anytime when you want to. Call me, please!

#4 My deepest condolences to you for the loss of your beloved [insert name]. If you need a listening and supportive ear during these difficult times, pick up your phone to call me! I will be there for you now and later.

#5 Dear friend, I am very sorry for the loss of [insert name]. Let your tears flow, and your mind mourns at these sorrowful times. May you find solace and peace in the little life routines soonest. If you like to have a smiley and cheerful company someday, do call me.

Funeral Flowers Bereavement Messages for Family

At one point in life, each of us will encounter unpleasant news when a family member has passed away. It is even more challenging when the family member is living far-distance, or you are away from the immediate family.

Sending an uplifting message of support and sharing a special memory directed to the grieving family member will always be appreciated.

#1 I extend my condolences to you for the loss of your beloved family member. May our prayers give you the strengths and energy to cope with the sudden departed soul of [name/ relationship of deceased] at this moment.

#2 The unexpected demise of [insert name] is appalling, and I am sad about the news. I am sending full sympathy wishes and kind prayers in the hope of comforting you.

#3 Sending you love, strength, and support at this difficult time. You are not alone, and we are here for you to extend whatever we can do to help. Together we mourn your loss with you.

#4 May fond and good memories of your [insert relationship of deceased here] bring you the comfort you deserve at present. We/I pray to God to grant you peace, serenity, and strength to get through this together.

#5 A flower, a candle, and a prayer with a heavy heart that your beautiful soul and love will always be with us. Our dearest cousin [insert name/relationship]- God rest you in peace and serenity.

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Bereavement Messages for Colleague, Boss Or Client with Funeral Flowers

In the business working environment, it is customary to deliver funeral or sympathy flowers to the deceased family- your colleague, boss, or client to pay the last tribute.

When penning down the message, the expression is semi-formal without sounding obligatory. The best way is to consider your working relationship with them while composing a neat message delivery.

Here we come up with a few condolence messages that are ideal in the workplace settings.

Memories condolence

#1 I heard your [parent/relative] has recently passed away, and I am truly sorry for your loss. Sending you good positive vibes with sincere condolences.

#2. [Name of deceased] will always be remembered, and may these flowers express the sadness and sympathy that I feel for your family during this period.

#3 We are sorry for a loss of a great leader in our company. [Insert boss name] was an incredible superior with a lively soul that will be missed. The whole team members will stand by you and your family in this time of need.

#4 We are sad to know that [name] has left suddenly. We all wish you peace and solace with loving memory. Kindly please accept our deepest sympathies from the work team.

We recommend you marking down the deceased anniversary and consider gifting sympathy flowers and a message attended to the immediate family. It is another way to honour your meaningful work relationship with the deceased person.

#5 Dear [insert name], I could not help but remember that it was during the holiday season in [month] that you suffered the untimely passing of your [family member]. We extend our sympathy so you may find comfort in the memories of your [family member].

Keep in mind family cultural heritage and religious beliefs to incorporate the right meaningful words that sync with the receiver’s values.

If you like to help and offer support to the deceased family, consider signing off a funeral flower card by providing the following details:

  • name, address, contact number
  • state how they can reach out to you at any time

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