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How do Flowers Empower Women on International Women’s Day

Flowers Empower Women banner
Flowers Empower Women banner

Ah yes! The golden question: how do flowers empower women across the world? Who knows that little sunshine in a bouquet or vase can impact women?

Flowers are like a secret weapon for women. Do you agree with this? The blooms are a magical yet colourful elixir that instantly lights up any room or space. Probably, you are thinking- Why are flowers gifting again on IWD? Does it sound cliche?

Well, International Women’s Day (IWD) is now seen by society as an occasion to express gratitude for the women they hold dear, celebrate with them, and show love. Gifting flowers has become a customary tradition and a heartfelt gesture of affection towards women.

#EmbraceEquity is 2023 theme’s slogan from the official IWD website. How will you contribute to the global effort to create equality for women? 

A quick recap of when, why and how International Women’s Day begins

The first IWD was celebrated in 1911 and soon became a global movement. The movement has spread worldwide and is observed annually on March 8th. It is a day with a call to action for people of all genders, races, and ethnic backgrounds to support women’s rights and gender equality.

This celebration alerts us there is still plenty of work towards true gender equality. Know that women are still going through discrimination and violence with unequal opportunities in different parts of the world. IWD is the day to bring light to these issues and take action to drive gender parity.

Look at the past, where women have come far to achieve greater lengths in various fields. You can name it from science and technology to politics and arts. The women’s contribution to society has inspired future generations to pursue their dreams and break down barriers.

The Official Empowering Flower for IWD

Mimosa Empowering Flower

The most iconic symbol of International Women’s Day is the gifting flower. MIMOSA is the official bloom that marks history since 1946, popularised by two Italian female activists who fight for women’s equality. Since then, Mimosa has become the global signature flower as a sign of respect and support. MIMOSA = FEMININE WORLD. The bright, yellow-coloured bloom stands for vitality and courage - a perfect fit for this remarkable day.

In Malaysia, mimosa flowers are rare to source so you can consider alternative blooms to support and fuel the ladies’ souls. Scroll through our website gallery to find the ideal bouquet!

What can flowers do to empower women

Shall we begin with the obvious? Flowers are undeniably beautiful, and one can feel an instant surge of joy. The magic of flowers with the power of uplifting! It serves as a reminder that amidst the negativity or chaos in the world, there is still beauty to look forward to.

Flower and emotional well-being
  • Your Mental and Emotional Well-being

Research proves that a gaze at a vibrant bouquet can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. Flowers enhance moods and provide a renewed sense of energy. These little pick-me up flowers back up women in those low moments.

Picture yourself in a situation whereby you are working twelve hours a day, six days a week and in a demanding environment. Feeling worn-out and possibly with fluctuating moods, I guess! Then, someone rocks up and surprises you with a bouquet! Keep that bouquet close to your work desk. Over the next few days, you will feel unruffled and bouncier. Your mood is significantly improved.

  • A sign of Your Strength and Persistence

Shall we dive in deeper? Flowers must overcome obstacles like darkness, dirt, and rough weather to bloom. Women are similar in that facing oppositions in life, weather the storms and still flourish in their unique ways.

Here is an inspiring story about Malala Yousafzai, a brave young lady who becomes an advocate for females’ education in Pakistan. Her voice has gained plenty of violence and threat from the Taliban. In 2012, it was unfortunate that Malala is shot in the head, but she survived the attack. These brutal attacks do not prevent her determination to speak for education and women’s right in the face of adversity.

Malala earned the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 with her story demonstrates how women can overcome obstacles. Her strong sense of purpose combined with bravery makes a powerful in the world right until this day.

Global Women

To those brilliant women in your life – she could be your one-in-a-million mentor, a savage friend, or an amazing work staff that you are grateful. Show the ladies an extra light with hearty flowers to liven up their day! 

We are offering a ‘Mystery Bouquet’ for International Women’s Day with 6 fantastic designs in-store for you. Check it out by clicking on this link and order via +6012-677 5784.

Which type of flowers empower women in your opinion?

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