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How To Care For A New Delivered Flower

How to Care for A New Delivered Flower Bouquet
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Ding! A text message is popping on your mobile display stating a flower bouquet is on its way to your door. A few minutes later, the delivery guy shows up with a flower bouquet. Your eyes GLOW, the corner of your mouth turns up, your front teeth a little exposed, and you welcome the flowers with an open arm.

Now the new bundle of joy is with you. What’s next?

Each of us would love the flower to be long-lasting. There’s nothing more disheartening than investing in fresh flowers, only to see them lose their vibrancy too quickly. A little extra care has its perks! With a few expert hacks straight from the florist’s handbook, you can ensure that your fresh flowers last longer and radiant for days on end.  We highly suggest these flower care tips so to upkeep your bouquet, flower basket, and floral stand arrangement looking pristine.

Imagine walking into your home and being greeted by a burst of color and fragrance from your flowers. Picture the joy of knowing that your fresh flowers are not only stunning today but will continue to brighten your space for the days to come.

Say goodbye to wilted petals and hello to long-lasting, vibrant blooms that will delight you and your guests. Let’s dive into these hacks and unlock the secrets to keeping your flowers looking fresh and fabulous!

Sure-fire Care Tips for Bouquet Flower

A bouquet flower may take 1-2 days for the bloom to reach its potential. Most bouquets last between 4-6 days, which are entirely dependent on the types of flowers and the environment. That includes if you like to keep the full packaging on or unwrap it and place the blooms into a vase.

1. With Bouquet Flower Packaging On

Tip #1: Flower Bouquet Positioning

Keep the bouquet flower upright vertically, standing straight up. A water bag is attached at the bottom of the blooms to ensure the flower is in a drinking state.

Tip #2: Use Clean Water Bottle Spray

You know, the quality of water really matters when it comes to keeping fresh flowers looking their best for longer. Let me break it down for you.

Firstly, think about it like this: fresh, clean water is like a refreshing drink for flowers. Just like we need clean water to stay healthy and hydrated, flowers need it too! Now, imagine if you gave your flowers dirty or contaminated water. It's like asking them to drink something yucky! That's not good for anyone, right?

So, here's the deal:

Fill up the bottle with clean tap water. Make sure it is lukewarm water, as this temperature is optimal for hydration and prevents shock to the flowers. Lukewarm water is also easier for the stems to absorb compared to cold water, ensuring that your flowers receive the hydration they need to stay fresh.

Additionally, using clean and fresh water as it helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that can accelerate the decay of your flowers.

Spray water lightly around the flowers to hydrate and moisten the bouquet. It is advisable to spray water 1-2 times per day, or at least a minimum once each day. 

Remember, the quality of water really does make a big difference in how long your flowers stay looking beautiful. So, next time you're taking care of your flowers, give them the good stuff – clean water all the way!

Tip #3: Keep Bouquet Away from Humid Environment
Now, this is super important thing for keeping those fresh flowers looking fabulous! Place the flower bouquet in a cool shady area, and away from direct sunlight. Trust me, it's a game-changer!

So, picture this. Flowers are like us, they need just the right amount of sunlight and warmth to thrive. But too much of a good thing? Not great for them. Direct sunlight and heat can actually speed up the wilting process and shorten the lifespan of your beautiful bouquet. Nobody wants that, right?

Here's the deal. When you're finding a spot for your flowers, think shady and cool. Like, somewhere they can chill out without getting too toasty. Preferably in the living room with a fan on or in an air-conditioning room. Keep them away from windows where the sun's blazing in. It might be cozy for us, but it's a no-go zone for flowers.

We highly recommend the bouquet to stay away from any electronic devices and television sets.

Tip #4: Remove the Flower Stem When Required
Different type of flower varieties comes with different vase life expectancy. When you notice some of the flowers or leaves are dried or withered, pull them out from the bouquet.

2. Unwrap Bouquet Flower Packaging

Tip #1: Cut Off Flower Stems
After unwrapping the bouquet, remove the waterbag out gently. Start by trimming off the stems about 1-2 cm at 45-degree angle. That angled cut? It's like opening up a wider door for water to get in, so your flowers can drink up all they need. Plus, it stops the stem from sitting flat in the vase, which could block the water flow. If you have a shear, we suggest using it for a neater cut. This might seem like a small thing, but trust me, it's a big deal for keeping your bouquet looking its best for longer.

Oh, and here's a pro tip! Do the trimming underwater or dunk those stems straight into water afterward. This stops any pesky air bubbles from sneaking in and causing trouble. Air bubbles? Yeah, they're not great for hydration and can make your flowers wilt sooner than they should. We recommend trimming the stems every alternate day. Keep repeating this process for each stem, making sure your cuts are neat and tidy.

Place the flowers into a vase. And when you're arranging your flowers in the vase, don't overcrowd them. Too many stems crammed together can stop the air from flowing properly, and that can make your flowers wilt before their time. So, give them some space to breathe and enjoy their new home.

Tip #2: Clean Vase Water Daily
One of the vital steps for your blooms to glow merrily is using fresh clean water. It might sound simple but trust me, change water regularly is seriously effective for keeping those fresh flowers looking amazing. Just like we need fresh water to stay hydrated and healthy, flowers need it too! But over time, the water in your vase can get a bit funky, like leaving your water bottle in the sun for too long. Not good for anyone, right?

So, here's what you have to do. Each day, replace the vase water. It's like giving them a little pick-me-up to keep them feeling their best. When you change the water, make sure to trim the stems a bit too. That way, they can soak up all that fresh water even better. It's like getting a fresh haircut – makes you feel brand new!

If time is limited on your side, top up water regularly. Change the vase water the next day. By changing the water regularly, you're giving your flowers the best chance to stay fresh and perky for as long as possible. So, next time you're tending to your flowers, don't forget: a little water change goes a long way!

Tip #3: Use Flower Food or Make Your Own Solution

If your bouquet comes with a sachet of flower food, drop the liquid into the vase. You can make your own solution by adding few drops of bleach with a pinch of sugar into the clean water. That special mix is like a little feast for your flowers, giving them all the nutrients they need while keeping nasty bacteria at bay. It's like a VIP treatment for your bouquet!

Tip #4: Remove Lifeless Flowers or Leaves
When you spotted some wilted flowers or leaves lingering at the vase after several days, take those out immediately. Leaves underwater can get all mushy and attract bacteria, which isn't great for keeping your flowers fresh and perky. The remaining of the blooms will age gracefully.

Fruitfulwish Basket

Easy Care Tips for Flower Box and Flower Basket

Fruitfulwish Basket - Retirement & Get Well Soon Occasion

Unlike a typical flower bouquet, there is a work of art for the flower box and flower basket arrangement. In-house floral designer bespoke a mix of flowers into a box and basket with creativity.

Each flower box arrangement comes with green floral foam. The green foam is well soaked with water as a base support for the flower arrangements while keeping the blooms fresh for days.

Depending on the level of care intensity, flower box arrangements can last up to a week the most. Here are a few trouble free tips on extending the life of your flower box and flower basket.

Tip #1: Check the floral foam condition
Touch the green foam and find out if it is damp or drying daily. The water will evaporate gradually from the green foam, which signals you to pour water into the flower arrangement.

Tip #2: Water the floral arrangement
For better water control, we suggest using a tiny mouth water bottle when pouring. Fill the bottle up to a quarter or 50 ml of water. Find a small gap between the flowers. Then, gently pour the water directly into the floral foam at the top of the flower box or basket. You can spray the water lightly around flowers too.

Avoid pouring water by the side of the flower box. The foam is non- absorbent from water at the edge. In addition, it will cause the flower box to deteriorate faster.

Tip #3: Monitor indoor ventilation
Keep the flower box or basket away from the sun and other heaty electrical devices. Good indoor ventilation with the right temperature of air-conditioning or fan cooling helps prolong the freshness of the flower box.

Tip #4: Remove Wilting Flowers from the Box or Basket
When you notice any withered flowers and leaves in sight, pick that out immediately. Leaving the dried flowers on will interrupt other unaffected fresh flowers from glowing merrily.

Tip #5 Stay away from Ripening Fruits
Maintain a distance between the placement of the flower box or flower basket with ripening fruits. Ripe fruits discharge ethylene gas that will cause flowers to age rapidly.

Hassle-free Care Tips for Opening Flower Stand and Condolence Flower Stand

Lights of Life Stand- Condolence & Sympathy Flowers

Maintaining and caring for a flower stand is way simpler than the previous mentioned. The following tips below will get you to up keep these blooms arrangement to last longer.

Tip #1 Place Flower Stand under a shade

Most flower stand is displaying outside a retail outlet or an outdoor environment. Look for a spot with a shade and that is away from direct sunlight.

Tip #2 Mist Floral Arrangement daily

Check the floral foam condition daily, preferably. When there is a sign of dryness, pour a glass of water directly into the floral foam once or every two days. Use a water spray bottle to spritz clean tap water on the flowers daily. For an even coverage on all the flowers, spray the water 6 inches away from the stand.

Tip #3 Get Rid of Wilted Flowers

Any first sign of dried and wilted flowers is visible, remove that out instantly. These will assist in prolonging the flower stand to an optimum freshness.

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