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The Power of Lucky Flowers To Magnify Good Fortune

The Power of Lucky Flowers Blog
The Power of Lucky Flowers Blog
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Hello 2023! New Year: New You: New with Lucky Flowers, how do you like that? Let’s face it, we all want to bring prosperity and success for a better new year. Have you ever heard the phrase, when something good happens, something better will follow? We bet you have! 

Most Chinese believe lucky flowers are a must in every household — it is tradition and culture to never go without one. Now, let’s ponder which flowers can increase vibes and abundance in your life.

This article will go into our top 8 choices of best flowers and plants that you can use to make your New Year no longer just ‘new’ but a whole lot luckier and brighter!

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Peony (牡丹 mu dan)

Peony is famously known as the ‘King of flowers’ to Chinese natives. This unassuming beauty of the peony is stealing the show with its depth of symbolism – nobility, honour, and wealth. It is also a symbol of friendship and feminine beauty.

There is more about peonies that have open and heartfelt energy within them. The blooming peony radiates a gentle aura with a soothing joy that is healing for the females.

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice of arranging objects, flowers, and plants to generate positive energy and great fortune. The peony is highly positioned as the luckiest flower in Feng Shui due to its attraction to happy relationships and prosperity.

Do you want to increase attraction towards the opposite sex? Or are you intending to strengthen a love relationship? Is marriage not on the cards yet? You may consider placing peony flowers inside your bedroom.


If you are after fortune plenteously in 2023, place peony flowers in the vase and leave it on a coffee table or a desk in your home or workplace. Other lucky flowers such as orchids or lotus can be incorporated together in the floral arrangement.

Orchid (兰花 lan hua)

One of the top-notch lucky flowers gifting for the Lunar New Year would be the resilient Orchid. Though a little pricier side, orchids are very admirable and loved by many on this Lunar festive occasion.

Particularly in Feng Shui, people use the lucky orchid flower to enrich family luck and fertility. There are meanings and representations behind each orchid colour. A guide below points out the specifics of what you are after or want brings more into your life.

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Orchid Flower Symbolism
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Narcissus (水仙 shui xin)

Others may call these lucky flowers as daffodils or water fairy flowers. This auspicious flower is so crisp and refreshing visually and smells magical that it conveys a meaning of renewal. A glimpse of the bright yellow and white colour trademark, there is a resemblance of a sunny-side-up egg to this flower. We absolutely love it! Do you too?

Take note if you are going after for advancement or successful promotion in your career, the narcissus flower is yours to have as a fully abundant flower of Feng Shui cure. Ideally, place it on your working desk! When these flower bulbs blossom open, the structured energy of this lucky flower illuminates individual skills and talents. New opportunities and success are opening to you.

In Chinese culture typically, narcissus is also known as an anti-spirit flower that emits protection energy to its user. Therefore, this loveable lucky flower is ideal as gift for the Lunar New Year, for close family members and friends.

Chrysanthemum (菊花 ju hua)

The Chrysanthemum flower is well-known for its positive energy currents and attracts good luck into your home or workplace. The Asian natives treat the Chrysanthemum as an emblem of longevity, usually gifting it to seniors and plenty of displays it at homes or businesses.

Other cultures view the Chrysanthemum flower as an emblem of the sun and, some use this lucky flower as a sign of respect and honour.

In Feng Shui, it is best to place Chrysanthemum flowers in the east or southeast corner of the room or home. These areas are associated with abundance and great wealth.

Orange Chrysanthemum
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Lucky Flower Magnolia
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Magnolia (玉兰花 yulan hua)

This showy lucky flowers of Magnolia is native to the US and other parts of Asia. Magnolia comes in different species with each of its characteristics. The common ones are star magnolia – small with white or pink blooms and southern magnolia – large and fragrant.

The Chinese love magnolia trees for their healing powers. It symbolizes nobility and perseverance. In Feng Shui, this lucky flower is incredible for attracting monetary luck and abundance satisfaction.

Have a front yard or a backyard at home? If you are after monetary luck, plant or place Magnolia flowers backyard. For the bounteous abundance, it would be in the front yard. Are you after both financial and abundant? Get Magnolia flowers for both the front and back areas of your home.

Lily (百合 bai he)

The elegant and fragrant blooms of Lily are well-liked by many people, typically for summer weddings and Valentine’s Day. On the spiritual aspect, lilies are the lucky star flowers that can transcend peace to bliss.

The Chinese natives are large believers that Lily brings good luck and prosperity. Stargazer lily or pink flamingo lily is among the top choices to be gifted on Lunar New Year.

For singles who are ready to mingle, a lily is your go-to choice if you want to enhance romantic luck and place this flower in a relationship corner of your home. To those who are after better focus for work, get a bouquet of lilies to your working desk. Lily emits positive energy and vitality to the space.

If you are sensitive to flower pollen, avoid lilies as this beautiful lucky bloom may cause allergies in certain people.

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Lucky Flower Lily
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Lucky Flower Plum Blossom
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Plum Blossom (百合 mei hua)

The perpetual beauty of Plum Blossom is incredibly sacred for most oriental cultures. This lucky flowers are known as the herald of spring since plum blossoms bloom at the end of the winter season. They are phenomenal with an ability to hold against the harsh cold winter and carry the symbol of perseverance.

Plum Blossoms are legendary flowers, and their five petals bring five blessings:

Plum blossom petals meaning


If you wonder why Plum Blossom dominates the landscape during Lunar New Year, it is due to this glorious flower bringing great omens to the owner and the guests with the five blessings above.

Since this lucky flower can only be present at its full bloom for a brief time so it serves as a reminder to live your life anew and improve to be better possible. 

Lucky Bamboo (富贵竹 fu gui zhu)

Lucky Bamboo is a well-known indoor plant that is also a good luck charm in Asian culture. For the West, it becomes a symbol of sustainability.

Though it is not a flower, the importance of Lucky Bamboo plant is valuable for the creation of a harmonious environment within the home.

Let us break down the number of twigs or stalks, which each carries a different meaning in the aspect of luck & prosperity as below:

Lucky Bamboo Plant
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Lucky Bamboo Meaning

What are you specifically wishing for the year of 2023? Personal abundance? Growing richness? Massive prosperity? Boosting career advancement? Or simply peace & health for family?

We aim to make your 2023 New Year a whole lot luckier and brighter. Consult us +6017-677 5783, and find out which Lucky Flowers are a right fit for you!


And now we welcome the New Year. Full of things that never been.


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