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Top 5 Premium Roses That Everyone Love and Admire

R-O-S-E – What does it strike to you beautiful ladies? Is it just a lovely type of flower visually? Or does it mean more to you specifically?

Historically, a rose is at least 35 million years old based on fossil evidence. The rose is such an iconic flower of beauty, love, fashion, wealth, culture, food, politics, and medicine!

The world of roses is so vast, with new varieties being introduced every year. There are approximately 150 recognised species of roses to date.

Roses are categorized into two groups: hybrid and species roses.

Hybrid roses are bred by crossing two different species to produce a new flower. Species roses are derived from a single species and reproduce true to type.

Let us present these Premium Roses that are remarkably gorgeous, and possibly your next-go-to-choice when you like to smile and glow with roses. Look no further than these 5 Premium Roses listed below:

Cappuccino Rose

The Cappuccino Rose can seduce you easily with its significant bi colour schemes like rich mocha brown, earthy beige shade, and special tinted pinkish on the outer petals. It is widely known for its deep, earthy fragrance and dark leaves too.

A brownish earthy tone of rose colour is a huge favourite for bridal bouquets and wedding décor designs. Due to the smaller head sizes, if compared with other garden roses, florists simply love to incorporate this rose with other hot favourites, such as Quicksand Rose.  These premium exquisite roses are rarely missed by making a favourable impression on brides for their special day.

from Kenya

between 7-8 days at the most

Quicksand Rose

This fresh cut stunning premium rose carries an elegant, powdery light beige petal, with lavender or pink undertones.  With its natural pearl-like effect, Quicksand Rose’s classic shape brings out a rustic, vintage character.

Unlike bicolour tinted roses, they are ‘naturally grown’ and are highly sought in the market, typically over the wedding seasons due to their natural features. The gentleness and the subtlety colour of Quicksand Rose complements so well with other flower varieties, such as Cappuccino Rose or paired with Spiral Eucalyptus.

Florists are enthusiastic about this premium gorgeous Quicksand Rose and customers are falling head over heels with the bouquet.

Quicksand Rose is bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne. — Unknown

from Ecuador

Expect 10-12 days depending on the climate

Hermosa Rose

The Spanish word ‘Hermosa’ when translated to English is ‘Beautiful’. You can visualise the connection of the word with flowers and that is what exactly describes Hermosa rose.  

A type of fresh-cut roses from late spring into the autumn season which is the Hermosa. It is a hearty, lovely, and is a large-headed light antique pink rose. Looks brilliantly antique! 

“Hermosa- a vintage rose from the 1840s”

Unlike other types of flowers which are ideally selected for wedding occasions, the pink tone in this bloom is the ‘muse’ for all seasons. Ultimately, well-suited for any kind of event. Lightly fragrant and an absolute bouquet for its worldwide fans. Would you find premium Hermosa rose rocks your world?

from Kenya

5-7 days approximately

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Sweet Aurora Rose

Sweet Aurora is a tricolour (three tones) tinted type of rose, that instantly set the other basic colour rose wide apart. A combination palette of pastel sea blue, and pale pink with original cream white. These attention-grabbing premium flowers will unquestionably impress the receiver and much well-appreciated.

In the 21st era, tinted roses like Sweet Aurora bring the ins-vibes, bold creatives people love it as it conveys a message, ‘I am extra-ordinary, look at me’.

Would Sweet Aurora be the right type of flower for a wedding? It is not everyone’s cup of tea, and the bride and groom who prefer this will celebrate their wedding in their unique way, an unusual out-of-the-box theme. The exquisite Sweet Aurora rose will fill each room with happiness and delights. The verdict is truly yours.

“P.S – it’s him and her colours”

from Ecuador

10 days in cool water

Check out other tinted premium rose varieties like Jellyfish 1 and Jellyfish 2 below:

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Sweet Cloud Rose

This Sweet Cloud is a special tinted premium rose with a blend of taupe grey and old lavender colours. The murky lavender tint embraces a touch of femininity with an air of modern elegance.

What set this Juliette rose apart is its simplicity, a clean minimalistic hues which will immediately set your mood calm and serene. This is a go-to type of fresh flowers to be placed inside your bedroom or relaxation area for tranquillity. Would you love a bouquet of sweet cloud at your home?

from Ecuador

5-7 days approximately


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