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Top 8 Christmas Flowers That Will Make You Feel Jolly Warm

Christmas Flower Blog
Christmas Flower Blog
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Nothing cheers people up more than Christmas, and these flowers can help. Why? First, they are visually beautiful to look at, yes? Second, these Christmas flowers smell jolly and fantastic. Third, it is a bonus that they last longer than other flowers available at this time of the year.

The end-of-the-year holiday season is well underway. The streetlights illuminate each night and Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum chimes through until merry Christmas Day. Unlike western countries’ counterparts, a spicy Christmas is always on the card in Malaysia.

It is the time of year to decorate our house with Christmas trees and welcoming lights. Why not adorn your home with a splash of colour in the form of flowers too? Clueless about which Christmas flowers? We got your back with a list of it. Read on more about which flowers should be your upcoming holiday cheer spirit.



Poinsettia flower


No Christmas would be the same without the presence of Poinsettia. It is the Christmas Starflower of all time with its iconic red bracts, green leaves, and yellow cyathia! Get an idea where the holiday colour motif comes from by now? Bingo. All the answers are within Poinsettia.

Mexico and Central America are natives of Poinsettia flowers. This plant was first introduced to Europe by Joel Roberts Poinsett in 1828, who was the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico. He took cuttings from a plant he found in Veracruz and sent them back to his wife in Charleston, South Carolina. The rest is history.

Poinsettias are typically grown from cuttings taken from other poinsettias. The most popular variety is Mexican Flame- which has bright red flowers with yellow centres. Others include white and pink ones with red throats; they are called California or Oriental poinsettias.


The beauty and liveliness of Amaryllis have been rated the most popular Christmas blooms after Poinsettia. This incredible flower is a symbol of rebirth and renewal with its name derived from the Greek Amarysso, meaning to grow beautifully.

What makes Amaryllis flower such a cherished and valuable gift? With its all and sturdy outlook, the Amaryllis flower is the living symbol of love and ethereal beauty. In the west, many love it since it blooms gracefully indoors during winter and Christmas. 

Amaryllis is a tropical flower and is a warm climate favourite. They are fashionable holiday staples for many households. No one is let down when presented with amaryllis flowers as these beauties are so full of life to each corner of your home. 

Amaryllis flower
Hypericum Berries

Hypericum Berries

Moving into Hypericum Berries, I heard floral designers love this popular foliage filler. But are they blooms or fruits in general? A look at it, they can be both, depending on how you interpret it. This duo plant holds other common names, such as St. John’s Wort or Tipton Weed.

When it comes to the symbolism of Hypericum berries, they represent everlasting love or friendship because they bloom throughout the winter season when most other plants have stopped growing during the chilly weather.

Are you loving these wonderful Christmas flowers? If you combine it with holly leaves and pinecones, Hypericum berries stand out as a great festive gift. 

Red Roses

Make applause for Red Roses here! These timeless beauties are not limited to the lovey-dovey occasion only, but simply the natural fit for Christmas festive season. The hot red is a symbol of warmth and love. Look at Santa’s robe to Rudolf’s nose – all in timeless red Christmas colour.

One can never go wrong with a great bunch of red roses bouquets for the holiday season. The bright and vivid red roses rarely fail to impress when paired with golden foliage and green berries.

The red roses are incredibly stunning when used as table centrepieces that instantly give a new makeover to the Christmas dining table. If you are after red roses as part of your Christmas décor, we highly recommend ordering them a couple of days before Christmas arrives.

Red Roses
Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid

It is undeniable that Cymbidium Orchid is an exotic flower that carries feminine characteristics. This is a low-maintenance type of flower which is widely used in cultures all over the world to bring good luck and fortune to those who keep it in their home. It adds no surprise that the cymbidium orchid has gained more popularity over the years due to its symbolic power and grace.

Orchids are considered symbols of love, fertility, and prosperity. In some parts of the world, they regard as good luck charms within the household.

These white decorative blooms with elegant spikes will make a wholesome texture to flower arrangements. An ideal Christmas flowers. Oh yes! They have an admirable snowy aesthetic and are long-lasting up to 3 weeks maximum.



Carnations are one of the most underrated types of flowers that got into our Christmas flowers list. Why do we say that? Compared to roses and other star-studded flowers, carnation is a less popular choice among the crowd. Does that mean less acceptance? Certainly not!

This gorgeous fluffy tutu skirt’s frills of blooms are so versatile that any florist or floral designer can agree to work with it. A perfect set of wishes that include primary meanings of devotion, love, and fascination.

Carnations’ sweet aroma, often lightly fragrant, and a broad range of colours and sizes are so complementary. If they are cared for properly, expect to see their sturdy presence up to two weeks at home. From Christmas right up to the New Year 2023! It is the Star of the Holidays for your home and families.

Red and White Tulips


Our final selection of Christmas flowers goes to Tulips.

Ah yes! Tulips are available all year-round and this wondrous bloom simply turns your holiday an instant joy. From its appearance to the meanings it brings, most females are so turned by with this muse bloom. What messages will a bunch of tulips will get to the receiver? The message recipes combine a healthy dose of well-wishes, a magic portion of cheerfulness, a slap of affection, and attentive care.

If you are up for good cheer during the Christmas season, we recommend you pair up our red tulips as an accent with white tulips as a filler. These combo colours for tulips make fantastic gifts for family and friends. Is anyone within your circle who is December born? *Tulip serves very well as a December birthday bouquet too.

Christmas Foliage

The final component that goes into making a festive flower bouquet is the Christmas foliage. We are aware it is neither flowers nor plants, but they are the key accessories to complete your bouquet into a luxurious makeover. Not only do they add the perfect touch of greenery, but the foliage’s natural elements enhance any floral arrangement magically.

From pinecones and berries to spruce branches and even holly leaves, these stunning ingredients simply make any Christmas flowers look warm, inviting, and ultimately beautiful. Which one of these are you particularly drawn to?

Christmas Foliage

Do you have a picture-perfect Christmas flower bouquet in mind yet? Tell us which of these Christmas flowers makes your heart tick.

So go ahead, consult us +6017-677 5783, and order one of these flowers to make your Christmas shine even brighter this year. While you are at it, tell Santa what you want for Christmas in the comment box below.

We wish all of you a Happy Holiday season! Merry Christmas & A Brilliant New Year


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