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Top 9 Irrefutable Money Flower Bouquet of Wealth

Irrefutable Money Flower Bouquet of Wealth banner
Irrefutable Money Flower Bouquet of Wealth banner

Voila! The Money Flower bouquets have made an entrance onto the scene. 

In recent years, an intriguing trend has been blooming in Asia with the hype of cash blooms, aka the floral bouquet of currency. These bouquets are cherished gifts for many occasions – for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, business milestones, and even graduation celebrations. 

Why this trend captivates the hearts of people in Asia? What is the real purpose behind sending a money flower bouquet? In this blog, we give you handy ideas on how these cash blooms work as exciting floral gifts, what symbolic meaning, and the joy they bring to both givers and receivers.

Exploring the Aesthetics of Cash Money Flower Bouquet


Flower bouquets are an ace way to show gratitude, but what if you can do more? Blending the beauty of flowers with the strength of money? These is exactly what cash flowers are about. Putting in a spin on the traditional bouquet by merging lovely blooms and your hard-earned currency.

In Asia, cash flower bouquets are renowned for their vast range of shapes, sizes, and colours due to their intricate craftsmanship. Skilled floral artisans fold and arrange crisp banknotes into exquisite floral shapes, elevating the bouquet into a work of art. The fantastic thing is how versatile the money floral gift is – an outstanding present for special ones who adores attractive looks and practicality on special days. 

What is even better than its visual attractiveness, putting together this masterpiece requires imagination plus hard work! Whether you are DIY with your hands or using online florist services such as White on White – forming your personal customized money flower bouquets has never been simpler.

The Purpose Behind Money Flower Bouquets

Happiness Spark Money Flower Bouquet


 Listen up, folks! Cash plays a starring role in the mesmerizing world of money flower bouquets. This floral gift is much more than a desire for wealth and prosperity. There is a powerful message wrapped up in green goodness!

When you are giving a cash flower bouquet, your message is, ‘Hey, I want you to be on top of the world! I want you to be super happy and tiptop healthy’. It is a verbal declaration of positive vibes and well wishes. The cash florals are not just a bunch of folded currencies. Nope! As one unwraps the bouquet, the receiver is tapping into a whole world of possibilities. It is a gift that indicate- I believe in your dreams and want to see you soar!

So, the next time you come across this gift, remember it is more than just some bank notes and petals. It is a heartfelt expression of good intentions, a wish for a life filled with happiness, health, and a healthy bank account!


Hold on tight! I am to reveal the exciting secret of unique cash blooms! When you start unwrapping it, each cash bloom is a masterpiece, carefully crafted to bring joy and wonder. What is more stimulating- the versatility of this gift makes it so incredible as those gorgeous petals of cash are yours to use as you, please!

Are you planning to send this gift to someone who needs extra cash for personal expenses? Boom! The money flower bouquet has got your back. Or do you want to put some away for savings on that dream vacation? The choice is yours!

This gift goes beyond the surface, offering the freedom to use however the heart desires, and the receiver gets double treasures – a stunning bouquet plus a financial boost all in one. A gift that leaves you and your dear ones smiling from ear to ear!



Let us picture this: You are at a wedding ceremony, and amidst the joyful celebration, a stunning money bouquet emerges, gleaming like a delightful dowry. Guess what is next? These cash florals do not stop there! They boogie into modern occasions, adding a magical touch to birthdays. Imagine your parents or loved ones receiving this gift, grating them a well-deserved allowance. We are talking about a win-win here!

That is not all. As businesses open their doors, these charismatic cash bouquets step in to extend a warm welcome to new owners. It translates to bringing a burst of prosperity and good sales, spreading great vibes everywhere they go. Who knows money flower arrangement can turn into a lucky charm for budding entrepreneurs?

There are more! Graduates get ready to jump for joy as these money flower bouquets are extraordinary in store for them. Drumroll, please. That cash notes are extra pocket money gifts! An absolute making graduates feel on top of the world with that excitement-pumping boost as they step into the next chapter of the journey.



In Asia, cold hard cash still reigns supreme! It is a practical powerhouse that never goes out of style. The act of giving money as a gift runs deep in Asian traditions. From little ones to wise elders, Asians have an affinity for the cultural symbolism and gift-giving practices associated with cash. And that is where money flower bouquets come into play, to honour these cultural practices.

Compared to the West, pairing cash notes with flowers are less common. There is another substitution with origami paper cranes combined with flowers to create a new variation, catering to western crowd.

Wispy Wish Money Flower Bouquet


Sending someone a money flower bouquet shows meaningful gestures as you put in serious effort and thoughts. It could be using your folding skills DIY the masterpiece or ordering one for a celebration. Be prepared! Your thoughtful gift is bound to turn heads and capture immediate attention. Each delicate blossom will leave your dear ones in awe. 

The best part? The receiver can enjoy this beautiful gift for longer than just a day! It is a gift that speaks volumes where the receiver feeling a great sense of appreciation and value.

Crafting An Unforgettable Money Flower Bouquet Gift

Azure Ocean Money Flower Bouquet

Are you convinced to start making your own money flower bouquet gift? Or you would love to order one from your favourite florist- White on White? Does not matter which one you are after, let us break down the process for crafting the gift, shall we?

  1. Please decide how many banknotes you want to include of which denominations. For example: the number of notes x RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50 or RM100. The smaller or petite bouquet requires less banknotes and the more flamboyant ones will have dozens of banknotes to craft one.
  2. Choose your favourite denominations well is the key. Consider which one of it is helpful or meaningful to the receiver.
  3. There are several options when it comes to folding the banknotes. If you love a classic and timeless bouquet, traditional shapes like roses or tulips are awesome. Want a more creative design? Why not you experiment with origami folding each banknote into butterflies, leaves, crane, or birds. On top of that, a bow and heart origami can be attached as the finishing touch to the ribbon or on the card.

 4. No matter which technique you are using, there are plenty of online tutorials to assist your own craftmanship! Here is an easy one for you to begin with if you are totally new on this!

5. After all the folding has been completed with precious effort and hours, it is time for the assembly. You can decide on the ribbon colours that resonate with specific occasion, bind it using wire stems, add fancy decorations like beads or feathers at different point in the arrangement.

Step-By-Step Guide to Assemble Money Flower Bouquet

Now, you get an idea of the process of crafting this cash gift as above. We will lay down the crucial steps to assemble it for your convenience.

Divine You Money Flower Bouquet
  1. Select the banknote currency where it can be in RM or other foreign currencies like USD, AUD, Euro and so on. Regardless, the gift will look great as a flower! You can mix and blend currencies to create an eye-catching display that will easily steal someone’s heart like a storm.
  2. Next, use notes of any value or combination. Either you love splashing out or just a subtle size. Ensure all the banknotes are crisp and not wrinkly. Once you have accumulated the number of banknotes, now is the time for your origami skills going! Ready?
  3. Lay a note down on the table so its portrait is facing up with a long side parallel to your body. Now, fold it lengthwise twice – once from top to bottom like creating an accordion shape. Then, you flip it over and repeat folding from the left and right sides as if you are making a fan.
Beaming Boost Money Flower Bouquet

4. Following up, grab each end of the notes and bend them towards each other in opposite directions, until the edge meets together at the centre, forming petals on either side. Then you tuck one end inside to give it a 3D look resembling a flower! How cool does this sound?

5. Repeat this process with all the remaining notes until the final piece. Practice makes perfect so do not feel discouraged if it appears complex at the beginning. You can do it!

6. Once that is settled, organise them into small to larger clusters. Carry out your experimentation until you are satisfied with it. You can now bind the stems using green florist tape. This will hold every stem firmly but still allow some room for the receiver to reorganise later if they like.

7. Finally, attach leaves cut from green construction paper with a glue gun for extra ornamentation. And now, you have it – a gorgeous money flower bouquet ready to deliver!

Prosperity Pinnacle Money Flower Cake

Alrighty! We have come this far together. How do you find this floral gift arrangement so far?  

White on White - your premium rose florist is ready to rock n roll with your money flower bouquet personal customisation order. Dial or WhatsApp +6017-677 5783 right now. I am certain whoever the receiver is, she or he will be thankful enough for such amazingness.


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