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Valentine’s Flower Power – Charming Ways To Say I Love You

Valentine's Flower Power blog title
Valentine's Flower Power blog title

14 February is the worldwide lovey-dovey day! Who is after a Valentine’s flower power bouquet for the plus one? Or are you unbothered by it? Which one of you is cool with this famous love bird’s day? Let’s discover the difference, shall we? 

One of the most-used key ingredients of falling in love and staying in love is – Wit, Humour plus, a little sarcasm. Great looks matter too, but in a long-lasting relationship – whatever ship is related- know that HUMOUR IS THE SPICE OF LIFE! On occasion, a simple one-liner of jokes can simply make his/her day, regardless of age, or gender!

Whether you are a male or female, the go-getter on the time crunch, or a bubbly reader, this one is for you. When you need witty-ready sentences to chuckle on the card or text, go ahead to get your Valentine’s attention! bonus tip: (great wits and charm foster bonding)!

Flower Power Charming Words For Couples

Valentine's Card Messages

You got your style of jokes towards your plus one! Some of you are possibly the King or Queen of Relationship Comedy (possibly it’s a man’s desire to hold that title more).

You could be in a friendship, on a courtship or heading into a new relationship! While some are in a long-distance relationship, long-term relationship, or a marriage! Humour and wit are the spice of life! Have a run through the humorous messages below and more than okay when you inject some reality into it too:

  • Baby, I LOVE YOU 5 Stars! 1-star for best hugs, 1-star for high tolerance, and another one for making great assam laksa & fried rice! One star is removed for SNORING! 😉 (insert your partner’s strength or great qualities that fits him/her)
  • You are my stem of roses- I am the dapper tall vase, ready for you to slide in while holding it wet for you to bloom!
  • YOU & I are into digits! Shall we solve this together tonight my dear? Here is the question: 21+22+26. Your answer: ………………….
  • Dear baby, I HEART you MORE than my mobile phone, Facebook & Instagram account this Valentine’s Day. I mean it and really DO!
Valentines Cute Couple
  • Roses are red, Violets are Blue, you are like dandruff & I cannot get you out of my mind- BOO!
  • Let’s be the BOBA BESTEAS forever! Shall we? Just to remind you that you are Tea-rific!
  • You are positive and make me a Hap-pea human. We are the ultimate ‘Matcha’ in our heaven!
  • My love for you keeps growing and rising, honey. A little bit like the higher cost of living! Can you feel that too, baby?
  • Wife / Hubby – You are my best friend, my soulmate, and the heart of my life. We made the best Mr. & Mrs …… (insert surname here). But you are a blanket thief at night! Can you reduce crime, please?
  • Hubby/Wifey, the things I am so passionate about: YOU + You are taking the RUBBISH out. Thank you for your effort with bins 😊
Valentines Flower Power Older Couple

Flower Power Phantastic Wishes for Singles

Single Men and Women, You Are Fabulous! The importance of friendships is never underestimated. That is where 13 February -Galantine’s Day is on the go. Traditionally, it is for Ladies Celebrating Ladies, but hey you can be creative and hang out with great single friends regardless of gender.

It is a time to celebrate your independence and the many wonderful things you have to offer the world. Join us in honouring the Galentine’s flower power people in our lives! Spread the love and great wishes!

Team Single Lovelies

 Roses are red, and violets are blue, this Valentine’s Day I am single, and so are you! Let’s celebrate freedom and treat ourselves to something sweet. Happily, single crew xoxo

  • You are the creator of unique version of yourself and the healthy dose of love for yourself is so SEXY! Claim it …
  • I like my female friends Like they LIKE themselves
  • Name, You are a bright and beautiful STAR, and don’t you forget it babe!
Galentine's Sisters Messages
  • Ladies - when you have long-lasting AA batteries, being a single agent is super attractive. You got it!
  • Voila! Relationship status – SINGLE! Like in business, I am independently owned and operated
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, being a single mom is a full-time job for two! This Valentine’s Day, take some time for yourself, you deserve all the love, care and extra wealth. Proud with the hardest-working single mum in town.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue- Single dads are rare, and a catch too! To the man who does it all, raising kids, working hard and still standing tall. May this day bring you all the love and appreciation you deserve.
Flower Power WhiteFam

Would these messages or words resonate with your plus one or minus one?

Share your thoughts with us. COMMENT, SHARE & SPREAD LOVE ! You Matters To Us  #makelifebeautiful

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