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Vol.1 Your Mom’s Persona & Her Best Match Premium Bouquet

Your mom's persona and bouquet
Happy mother's day
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Mother’s Day is just a few sleeps away – Sunday 8 May 2022. We got you covered by matching your mom’s best persona with our premium bouquet styles! Whether you are still staying with your mom or living apart, wouldn’t it be fun and joyous to send her a bouquet of beautiful and elegant blooms that will melt her heart? We profiled our curated flower bouquets to guide your Mother’s Day flower search. Scroll down to uncover more!!!

Forever Young

This persona involves a youthful, energetic, with a sparkling heart type of mom. She most likely loves to be outside and in touch with nature. Moreover, being outside more often leads her to remain opportunistic and love making friends. 

Think about your mom that embraced life. She is someone with determination and hope. A mom who is young at heart takes time to pause and appreciate the little things around her. Oh yes! She loves to explore her creative side too. What about a Forever Young Bouquet with pastels Pink Carnations, and White Chamomiles?

flowers bouquet photo
flowers bouquet photo


Moms are the superhero of the family. Give this woman a big thumbs up as she continually upkeep her responsibility and role of being the robust mom to you. 

She has vast stamina, agility, and durability, and she is very capable of managing challenging tasks. On top of that, she has a heart of gold and a high level of empathy. 

She is a tough cookie, knowledgeable, intellectual, and full of wisdom. Wonder woman persona is a wise woman that you can turn to whenever you are faced with internal fears. The applause of this wonderful mom with soft pink Avalanche Roses and Pink Carnations Spray is destined to light her up on Mother’s Day. Compliment that with a wonder message or quote with the bouquet together.  

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The intimate nature of the relationship between you and mom that can simulate into friendship is ultimately golden and rewarding. Does your mom embraced this persona?

The essential ingredient for friendship is equality. When you and mom reaches this through shared companionship, that special friendship bond is strengthened. 

Kudos to all of you who has a BFF mom. Cheer her up with a bouquet of classic Red Roses and Red Carnations on this special occasion. If red is not for her ideally, White on White has other colours to match up to your liking as well as hers.  

flowers bouquet photo
flowers bouquet photo


There is a long list about her which fits in as your super mom or superwoman. Let’s finds out how she ticks all the boxes below: 

Mother/ Teacher/ Housekeeper/ Chef/ Nurse/ Chauffeur/ Coach/ Planner/ Decorator/ Organiser/ Crafter/ Baker/ Storyteller/ Multitasker Queen/ 

Is there any more you can think of as a ‘super mom’ persona? Adding up all these tasks, know that she would be a super tired mom. Why not delight her with a basket of Daisies & Roses? The basket carries all the beautiful, curated blooms and signifying how your super mom or super woman supports all her multi-role in your life. 


The Best Mama titles drumroll to …………… ! (You fill in the blank 🙂

She could be your birth mom or a role model mom figure that walks into your life. She is someone who plays an active role and be deemed as a mentor to you.

At times, the best mama may not be physically presence around you due to distance, but on the heart and soul level, she is your best cheerleader whenever you are down. A short conversation with her can spark your optimism and get your mojo running again. Let her steal the show with White Tulips and Ocean Song roses on this amazing Mother’s Day! 

flowers bouquet photo
flowers bouquet photo


What defines an amazing mom?

This woman has uniqueness, selflessness, gracefulness and paving on difficult times with faith. She is a problem solver, capable of taking on new challenges and forging forward with or without struggles. 

Though she might not be an all-rounder, her laser focus vision and goals that make her an amazing mom. She shines the most when she is excellent in what she can brings on to the table. 

Mompreneur or single working moms are amazing women as they can well juggle between work and time with their children. What are you waiting for? Show up with a bouquet of Red Carnations with Baby Breath to mark a smile on her this Mother’s Day.

Which one is your go to bouquet for this Mother’s Day? Want more selections?


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