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Vol.2 Your Mom’s Persona & Her Best Match Flower Bouquet

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Hi lovelies, we have more to uncover another five premium bouquets style that is matching to your mom’s persona! We profiled our curated flower bouquets to guide your Mother’s Day flower search. 

Forever Young Flower Bouquet


Under this persona, your mom embraces all the titles such as your Queen, your Heroine and your Everything!!

She taught you Everything, she is right about Everything, and your mom knows Everything. Take Google away, You Got Mom. Yay!

The renowned Hydrangea is also called ‘The Eight Immortal Flowers’ based on Chinese folktale. It symbolises love, affection, gratitude, and confessions. 

This combo of Hydrangea and Roses bouquet represents the 3Ps for your mom – Power, Passion & Purpose. Simply, you are her ‘Everything’.


A woman with true elegance has all these aspects:

Patience +Manners +Calmness +Respect

Your elegant mom is gracious, courteous and pleasant to everyone she meets. Both young and old, who enjoys her company.

She is someone who practices etiquette and a well-spoken mom that articulates. An elegant mom is not only classy but a woman with substance. She nurtures her interest and the one who delivers those nurturing talents into you too. 

On this Mother’s Day, show up with an elegant box of floral blooms – Carnations, Roses &  White Chamomile and make her feels special in a way she always does to others.

Forever Young Flower Bouquet
My Guidance Flower Bouquet


Everyone has a specific someone who holds their heart and means so much to them. Often, when we stumble in life, mom is the person who guides us back on the right track. 

Mom is our guardian angel, offers love, guidance, blessings, and inspirations. 

She nudges you in the right direction while being supportive. Mom is listening to you openly and stands by you right until you see the light at the end tunnel.

Express your love with a bouquet of Kenya Cappuccino Roses this Mother’s Day.


Boss Mom is a dominant role figure, both at her workplace as well as her residence. You can sense her strong aura with her presence as she is one capable mom.

The boss mom goes beyond as she pours heart and soul, with blood, sweat and tears to raise you up as well as her business at the same time. 

Be so proud of your boss mom as she is not limited being your parent only but the key person to her staff’s growth and development.

What about dropping her a stunning bouquet of Popstar Pink Cuban Carnations on this  Mother’s Day? She deserves all the credits for her hard-core work on this special occasion.

Boss Lady Flower Bouquet
Special One


The Special One flower bouquet goes to all moms in the world. 

She could be your grandma, an aunt, your sister, or your bestie -who is a mom. These ladies possibly played a secondary key role in your life that makes your life merrier and jollier in those not-so-great moments. 

Express your gratitude and adoration to them with a delicate bouquet with sweet champagne daisies & pink carnations. That certainly makes their day and yours special.


How can you tell if your mom or woman is a charming lady?

We are sure she is a likable person who is confident when she speaks. Note that when your mom is concerned about you and asks questions. A charming mom display a sense of curiosity and is less likely judging you for your mistakes.

She undoubtedly will praise and acknowledge you even though you feel like giving up as she sees good deed in you. 

No mom will ever reject a charming bouquet of imported Kenyan Roses specially curated for her. You’ve  got taste, so does her!

Forever Young Flower Bouquet

Your mom is your best companion and a well-wisher. Take a moment to pour your heart out on a note or message and send an unforgettable surprise with your stunning bouquet to your precious mom.

Mom, thank you for being an incredible woman in my life

White On White, May 2022

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