Business Opportunities with White On White

Join Us in Flourishing through Licensing & Co-Branding, and Be Part of Our Floral Success Story

Business Opportunities with White On White

Join Us in Flourishing through Licensing & Co-Branding, and Be Part of Our Floral Success Story

Welcome To White On White

We humbly invite you to join our world of business opportunities within the Malaysian floral industry. As an active participant in the floral gifting industry, we have nurtured a solid reputation for quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Our success isn’t just seen in numbers but also in the smiles we have shared. 

We think there’s a promising future ahead. The floral gifting market is set to grow significantly, offering potential returns on your investment. With three modestly successful outlets already established, we invite you to explore the possibility of becoming a part of the floral community. 

Discover how you invest and consider co-branding or licensing options with the White On White brand.

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Are you an investor looking for a meaningful opportunity? Consider partnering with White On White in Malaysia’s growing floral market. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Mutual Growth: Invest in our business and share our consistent growth and success.
  • Transparency: We are committed to providing clear financial reports, insights, and updates so you stay informed about your investment.
  • Responsible Diversification: Adding our brand to your investment portfolio in the floral gifting industry can be a wise move, diversifying your investments for potential returns.


Are you a budding entrepreneur who loves flowers? Explore our licensing opportunities and bring the charm of White On White to your local market.

  • With our licensing program, you will get exclusive perks, including access to our beautiful floral designs, branding materials, and marketing support.
  • You won’t be alone on this journey. We offer guidance and training as you start your floral gift business.
  • What makes our licensing unique is flexibility. You can adapt our proven business model to match your local market’s needs.

Join us in sharing the beauty of flowers with your community and enjoy these fantastic benefits.


Is your business looking to partner with an established floral brand? Consider the opportunity to co-brand with White On White for these benefits:

  • Increased Visibility: Partnering with us means reaching a broader audience through our well-known brand.
  • Shared Resources: Collaborate on marketing, product development, and events to drive mutual success.
  • Innovation: Connect with our customers and introduce your offerings to a growing audience.
About White On White

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We look ahead with excitement and are truly honoured if you consider joining us on this journey. Whether you’re exploring investment opportunities or contemplating collaboration, we’re here with open arms to welcome you. Our mission revolves making life beautiful moments and sprinkling smiles through the flowers of beauty so we can craft countless more together.

So, are you ready to commence on this journey alongside us? A path crossing towards a brighter and visionary future together starts right here!

Collaborative spirits create victories, so let’s grow and learn together.We extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering White On White. Here’s to a future marked by growth, success, and an enduring beauty!

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