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Hold onto your hats, Sabahan! White on White Florist is bringing you top-notch flower delivery KK services! You get it right, to the dazzling city of Kota Kinabalu.

Get ready for a floral adventure that's about to bloom right at your doorstep. With just a click, you'll unlock more than 150+ beautiful flower collections. And you know what? Your joy, care and love matters. Therefore, say it with style, as you say it with flowers! Because White On White turns these petals into your story! 🌼🚚💐


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White on White - Online Florist Kota Kinabalu to serve the residents of Sabah

Welcome to the heart of floral wonder with White on White, your online florist in Kota Kinabalu. With us, the clock never stops ticking, so you can place your floral gift at your convenience. When you shop for flowers or bouquets with us, it's like a breeze! The checkout and payment process is easy, just a few clicks away. So, get to know our fantastic variety of colours, shapes, and fragrances of the ideal bouquet that screams "you." 😊🌼🌈

Why not spread joy with a unique floral gift from White on White? There are several special collections for graduations, birthdays, friendships, and even budget-friendly bouquets. Join us onboard in sharing happiness today! 🌼🌹🎉 Your floral dreams come true with us, whether it's majestic roses, charming lilies, or stylish gerberas. 

Same-Day Flower Delivery to KK - Bouquet Ready in 2 hours!

Sabahans! You've got our attention with love, care and the art of floral gifting. Are you racing against time for a surprise bouquet? Then, we are here with same-day flower delivery services to save your day!

Sometimes, life can be hectic, and our team want to go above with efficiency. Therefore, your desirable flower bouquet is meticulously prepped and ready to dispatch within 120 minutes. If you or the receiver is staying in the rural areas, please extend the time for delivery to the door!

Have you ever slipped on a crucial occasion? Fear not! You can benefit from our prompt flower delivery within Kota Kinabalu and be the hero with charming flowers.

So, get your order in and within the blink of an eye, we'll whip out your unique bouquet! Ready, all set for a fast delivery to your door. As a result, you can say sayonara to endless wait because we want your special moments to be enjoyable!

Retirement, Friendship & Birthday Occasion- Flower Delivery KK

Flowers are always a fantastic choice for these occasions. Therefore, you can picture how the receiver feels with the warmth and joy of your bouquet gift. In brief, we make it easy to send flowers to anyone here in Kota Kinabalu.

Retirement Bliss: Foremost, a retirement marks a new beginning. Hence, this is a golden moment to show appreciation for years of hard work and dedication. A bouquet of vibrant flowers can express your well wishes and excitement for the retiree's future adventures. Moreover, it is even better to match the retiree's preference with Floral basket or Fruit basket too!

Celebrating friendships are precious, and they deserve the attention. Whether it's an anniversary of your friends or a simple "thinking of you", flowers can beautifully convey your feelings. Therefore, surprise your friend's day with a thoughtful bouquet. Personalise one if you are after specific flowers that melt your friend's heart. And thank them for being a wonderful being in your life.

Birthday Flowers can add a unique touch to most birthday festivities. Most will welcome it with open arms, typically when they receive a colourful bouquet.

As a result, White On White caters each bouquet for every mood, a style for every emotion, and a bloom for each one of you.

Online Florist Kota Kinabalu - Service Delivery from West to East Malaysia

Do you have mates or close friends who are staying outside Kota Kinabalu? Think of us as your favourite flower service provider if you like! Why is that? Because all the flower bouquets can reach them at different corners Malaysia.

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