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“In Damansara premium roses at your door”

Red roses are evergreen and lovely, but why not elevate your appreciation for a precious one with premium imported roses in various stunning shades? Damansara florist, White on White, now offers premium flower delivery in Damansara. Impress, amaze and touch your loved ones with our exquisite premium Cappuccino, Hermosa and Quicksand roses from Ecuador and Kenya. Our multi-coloured premium roses are our customers’ favourites: Ecuadorian roses with pastel pink and baby blue petals are sure to evoke delights of cotton candy and unicorns, while our cream roses with slivers of black are equally popular too as a dare-to-be-different choice. Walking into our flower shop in Damansara is like stepping into an enchanted garden.

Our premium roses come daily from Ecuador, almost 20,000km away. We take pride in offering beautiful Ecuadorian roses because we know that a loved one out there will receive a beautiful bouquet of what is deemed as the best roses in the world. Ecuadorian roses are the ‘king’ of roses, just like how Musang King is the king of durian and Harumanis the king of mangoes.

Ecuadorian roses are as much as 2 inches larger, taller, has more vibrant colours, last longer and come in a wider range of colours compared to roses grown locally or from Holland, Africa or Colombia. Ecuadorian roses are also most known for being the most vivid multi-coloured ones, whose inner half of the petals and outer edges have different shades, thanks to the warm daytime and colder nights that encouraged the tone change.

Why are roses from Ecuador the biggest and prettiest? What are the farmers’ secrets? Ecuador, being an equatorial country, receive longer daylight than anywhere else in the world. This is a factor that no country or farmer can replicate! Roses in Ecuador are also grown at high altitudes or 2,800 – 3,000 m above sea level. The cooler temperatures allow the roses to slowly develop into the size and height that Ecuadorian roses are known for.

Premium roses bouquet delivery are now in Damansara. Knowing now how special roses from Ecuador are, select a bouquet from our beautifully-crafted collection of premium roses for your loved one. We have listed our top 10 all-time favourite premium rose bouquets to choose from, or we can customise one for your special occasion.

Our featured premium rose bouquets:

  • Sweet Aurora
    It is easy to see how anyone’s heart can melt over this charming candy-coloured bouquet. Cotton candy pink, baby blue and soft lilac petals interweave to form the sweetest-looking roses ever. Sweet Aurora is perfect for surprising mum on her birthday or to celebrate the anniversary of a union.
  • Jellyfish
    In similar colours but darker shades than Sweet Aurora, Jellyfish I and II bouquets are another two sure-fire way to melt hearts. Jellyfish bouquets of light blue and light pink/champagne brings to mind rainbows and sweet baby nurseries. Jellyfish bouquets are wonderful for your best friend’s birthday or to simply brighten the day of your significant other.
  • Cappuccino
    As enticing as its name, our Cappuccino bouquet brings together shades of mauve, brown and cinnamon from Kenya. The result is a rustic-looking bouquet that anyone would love to receive on their birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day or Teacher’s Day.
  • Classic Black
    We are sure that you have not seen any bouquet as unusual as this. Cream-coloured roses with a hint of black at its rim certainly give an air of mystery. Ideal for that eccentric loved one or the man in your life.
  • Juliette
    In a subtler shade of Classic Black, Juliette is another eccentric bouquet that features off-white premium roses with grey-edged petals. They look perfect for a wedding, and we also have a feeling that the Dads in your lives would love these.

We have many more premium rose bouquets that we could go on forever, and even more types of flowers that you could choose from. There are lovely tulips, bright sunflowers, pretty lilies, enormous bouquets of baby breath or a mix of them all. Having put a smile on many faces in Ipoh where we were established, we are honoured to now be the latest Damansara florist shop to share our love for premium flowers and be a part of many special days ahead.