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Delightful Mother's Day Flower Delivery by White On White

Here we are - Mother's Day 2024 is approaching quickly, set for the second Sunday in May. It's the time of the gifting occasion for beautiful Mother's Day flowers as a heartfelt token of your love and appreciation to the remarkable women who are your support pillars!

What could be a more fitting way to show your love and appreciation than by gifting a beautiful bouquet? If you choose to do so, White On White helps you sprinkle smiles and make this Mother's Day 2024 exceptionally special! We can pamper her with your desirable choice of flower bouquet right to the doorstep!

Unlike others, we feature only 12 unique flower collections each year, tailored to cater to 12 different types of moms. Yes, we'll elaborate on these special categories below! With our same-day delivery available across Ipoh, KL, Penang, and many other locations, you can effortlessly place your order to 'wow' your mom unexpectedly!

No matter how near or far you are from your mom, life can become incredibly hectic, causing you to overlook those precious little moments that count. So, how about setting aside just 15 minutes to choose a lovely flower gift that resonates with you and having it delivered to her front door? Not only are we providing you with a thoughtfully curated selection of flowers, but we're also including FREE delivery right to her doorstep! How does that sound to you?

At White On White, our user-friendly website ensures that your flower order is as convenient as it is heartfelt. We're here to help you make this Mother's Day 2024 to remember. 🌸💕

How To Choose Flowers for Mother's Day 2024? Celebrate Moms' Many Roles!

What does your mom's persona look like? How would you personally describe her? Shh!!! Keep this between you and your inner self! Generally, there are 12 types of moms to be characterised! Let's explore together the various mom's roles to help you choose the ideal Mother's Day flowers for her.

Artistic Mothers

Select Mother's Day flowers that match artistic mothers' creative and adventurous spirit. Opt for vibrant, unconventional blooms to celebrate their independent and energetic nature.

Guardian Mommas

For guardian mommas, pick flowers that signify their reliability and trustworthiness. Consider flowers representing growth and development while mirroring a positive influence in your life.

Tired Mothers

When getting Mother's Day flowers for moms who often feel exhausted and overwhelmed, go for gentle, soothing colours like pastel pinks and blues that can help create a sense of tranquillity.

Working Mothers

Working moms are excellent at balancing their careers and motherhood! Choose vibrant and resilient flowers that mirror their ability to juggle multiple responsibilities while blooming brightly.

Best Friends Mothers

If your mom is also your best friend, consider getting her flowers that symbolize equality, understanding, and a unique bond between you both. Peonies and roses are ideal for them.

Social Media Mom

For moms who are often on their phones, you can opt for flowers like wildflowers or daisies that symbolize the value of being physically present. These flowers signify genuine and heartfelt connections.

Superficial Friends Mothers

When your mother may have "reluctant rival" tendencies in her social circles, consider flowers that symbolize kindness and positivity. Choose flowers that represent the importance of building genuine and supportive relationships, like daffodils or tulips.

Cool Mothers

Is your mother relaxed and calm and serves as a guiding figures rather than imposing strict control? You're blessed! We recommend lavender or hydrangeas as these flowers reflect their peaceful and nurturing nature.

Persismistic Mothers

Some mothers might be going through a rough parenting phase or feeling overwhelmed! Send her flowers that convey support and encouragement, like sunflowers or daffodils that symbolize positivity and strength.

Ideal Mothers

When mothers feel the pressure to maintain an ideal image but may be dealing with hidden challenges, get her flowers like roses or orchids, which represent perfection and endurance!

Competitive Mothers

Does your mom often strive to outdo others? The competitive one? Elegant flowers like orchids or roses suits her the best. These flowers reflect the spirit of friendly competition and achievement.

Complete Mothers

When you consider your mom a perfect 10/10, choose a variety of flowers that show her multifaceted nature. A diverse bouquet can serve their unique quality as being an exceptional mother.

Is this helpful for the upcoming Mother's Day 2024 occasion? This Mother's Day, let White On white assist you in conveying your deep gratitude to the woman who has always been your greatest supporter. Place your flowers order today and we will take care of the rest for you!

Mother's Day Flowers

Our Mother’s Day Collection becomes available approximately 2-3 weeks before the big day. We recommend you place your order at the earliest so your preferred flowers are locked-in. When demand gets too busy, we may have to decline last-minute orders.

  1. Carnations -The traditional Mother’s Day flowers
  2. Roses – Classic Choice for Moms
  3. Lilies – Beauty & Sweetness
  4. Orchids – Refinement & Beauty
  5. Sunflowers – Loyalty & Admiration
  6. Gerbera Daisies – Cheerfulness
  7. Peonies – Good Fortune & Happy Life

We gladly accept Mother’s Day orders based on the flowers and delivery services availability on this big day. We only take orders when we have extra flowers in stock! Please check with us if this situation applies to you! To prevent any last minute disappointment, we encourage you to order early so you’ll get the freshest bloom for your loved ones that day. 

There are two delivery slots: 

  • Morning (10 AM – 1 PM)
  • Afternoon (1 PM – 6PM)

Same Day Deliver

We can do same day flower delivery for order received before 4pm of that particular day.
However, certain flowers, wrapping papers, vases and other items may not be available due to seasonal differences or inventory shortage. We reserve the right to make substitution with similar materials or items that are of equivalent or greater value at our discretion, without prior notice.

Free Delivery

We have heard you.
We revised our delivery policy to serve you with greater value – we extended our free delivery to more areas (selected areas). Kindly check with us if you have related enquiries. Applies to all products of our shop.

Delivery Area

Our delivery areas including Penang, Klang Valley, Ipoh, JB, Seremban, Kuching and other areas.
You may speak to us at +6017 6775 783 if your delivery area is out of the mentioned areas.


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We use only fresh & quality blooms for our bouquets and flower arrangements. 
Some of our bouquets are made using imported flowers to ensure premium quality.

Customise Bouquet

Welcome to speak to us to custom-make your dream bouquet. 
Our experienced florist can share with you ideas according to your preference and budget.

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