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Graceful Solace Stand

From RM500.00

🌼 Pink Hydrangea, Pink Lilies, White Eustoma, Anastasia, Chrysanthemum, White Ping Pong and Cinerea

  • Comes with Tripod Wooden Stand
  • Height: 170-175cm
  • Attentively curated flower arrangements with lots of love and joy
  • Scroll down for more product’s info and details.

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Graceful Solace Stand Description

🌼During times of condolence and sympathy, this Graceful Solace Flower Stand is a respectful tribute! A floral stand provides comfort and support when words fall short.

  • Pink hydrangeas represent heartfelt emotions and genuine empathy. Their soft colour offers a touch of solace and understanding to those in mourning.
  • Pink Lilies symbolize the restoration of innocence of the soul. This flower embodies the purity and grace during the times of loss. Their presence serves as a reminder that even in sorrow, there is beauty and tranquillity.
  • White eustomas convey appreciation and a sincere acknowledgment of the grieving family's feelings. They bring a sense of calmness and understanding, offering a gentle embrace of support.
  • Anastasia's flowers represent resurrection and new beginnings. Their presence speaks of hope and the continuation of life's journey.
  • Chrysanthemums symbolize both sympathy and support. These flowers provide a way to express your shared sorrow while also offering strength and comfort to the grieving family.
  • White ping pong blooms signify a sense of peace and honour. Their elegant simplicity brings a quiet reassurance to the stand, allowing for a moment of reflection and remembrance.
  • Cinerea adds a touch of greenery, symbolizing endurance and eternal memory. It represents the everlasting love that will remain in the hearts of those left behind.

Through Graceful Solace stand, you can convey your sincere condolence and pay tribute to the cherished memory of a dear one who has departed.

Additional Information

🎁 Include Free Greeting Message Card, Free Tripod Stand and Free Delivery (T&C) 

📍 Location Availability: West Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak

📷 Due to the photography lighting, item’s color may slightly vary from the images.

  • We meticulously craft each stand with identical components; however, slight variations may naturally occur.
  • The filler flowers and foliage are subject to change, adapting based on availability.
  • Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement
  • Other option: Remembrance Flower Stand
Graceful Solace stand for condolence and sympathy
Graceful Solace Stand
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