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Remembrance Stand

From RM500.00

ūüĆľ Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, Yellow Ping Pong, Anastasia, Chrysanthemum, Caspia, Cinerea, Cordyline and Monstera

  • Comes with Tripod Wooden Stand
  • Height: 170-175cm
  • Attentively curated flower arrangements with lots of love and joy
  • Scroll down for more product’s info and details.

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Remembrance Stand Description

ūüĆľIn times of loss and grief, finding the right words to express Your condolences can be challenging. That's where¬†the Remembrance Stand - a sympathy flower stand comes in. It's not just a collection of sympathy flowers; it's a heartfelt gesture that speaks volume. This is a beautiful gift to show your support and care during those difficult moments.

  • Lilies signify the departed's restored innocence and connect with renewal, making them a consoling choice for expressing condolences.
  • Gerbera Daisies¬†represent the brightness of life and are used in sympathy arrangements to convey hope and support during challenging times.
  • Meanwhile, Yellow Ping Pong¬†flowers offer a ray of sunshine amidst sorrow, symbolizing friendship and the desire to bring warmth to those grieving.
  • Next, the¬†Anastasia¬†flowers are the sign of peace, offering comfort and serenity to grieving hearts.
  • Chrysanthemums¬†signify loyalty and support, making them a thoughtful choice to show solidarity and care during times of loss.
  • Up next is¬†- Caspia¬†add a delicate touch and complements other flowers, enhancing the overall arrangement's beauty and conveying the thoughtfulness to the grieving family.
  • Cinerea¬†foliage adds texture and depth to the arrangement, symbolizing remembrance and the lasting impact of the departed.
  • Finally, the¬†Cordyline¬†leaves represent honour and respect, underscoring the significance of the moment and the reverence for the departed.
  • Monstera¬†leaves with their unique and exotic appearance, signify a departure from the ordinary and the enduring memories of the loved one.

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Additional Information

ūüéĀ Include Free Greeting Message Card, Free Tripod Stand and Free Delivery (T&C)¬†

ūüďć Location Availability: West Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak

ūüď∑ Due to the photography lighting, item‚Äôs color may slightly vary from the images.

  • We meticulously craft each stand with identical components; however, slight variations may naturally occur.
  • The filler flowers and foliage are subject to change, adapting based on availability.
  • Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement
  • Other option: Graceful Solace Stand
remembrance stand- condolences & sympathy flower stand
Remembrance Stand
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