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Sweet Aurora Bouquet

From RM380.00

💐 Sweet Aurora Ecuador Roses + White Roses + Ocean Song + Pink Roses and Baby Blue

  • Bouquet Size: Medium
  • *Pre-order 3 days prior delivery*
  • Hand-crafted with love & delivered to you with utmost care.
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Sweet Aurora Bouquet Description

🌼 Imagine this: It's your friend's birthday, and you want to gift them something as unique as your friendship. That's where the Sweet Aurora Bouquet comes into play.

Picture this bouquet as a beautiful story. It begins with Sweet Aurora Ecuador Roses, bursting with vibrant colors and an enchanting fragrance. These roses are like the excitement and joy that birthdays bring - vibrant, full of energy, and impossible to ignore.

Now, let's talk about the White Roses. These delicate blooms are the pure and sincere part of your friendship. They symbolize the trust and loyalty that have grown between you and your friend over the years.

As we move on to the Ocean Song Roses, their striking hue says it all. They convey appreciation and admiration, shouting, "You are unique, and your friendship is an absolute treasure!"

The Pink Roses add a touch of elegance to this story. They signify your gratitude and affection, whispering softly, "Thank you for being such a wonderful friend."

And then, there are the Baby Blue blossoms. They bring in a sense of calm, reflecting the peaceful moments you've shared in your friendship.

Together, the Sweet Aurora Bouquet tells a story of your unique connection with the birthday celebrant. 

Additional Information

🎁 Include Free Greeting Message Card, and Free Delivery (T&C) 

📍 Location Availability: West Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak

📷 Due to the photography lighting, item’s color may slightly vary from the images.

  • We meticulously craft each bouquet with identical components; however, slight variations may naturally occur.
  • The filler flowers and foliage are subject to change, adapting based on availability.
  • Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement
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Sweet Aurora bouquet - birthday & amazing friendship flowers, marriage proposal flowers, proposal rose bouquet
Sweet Aurora Bouquet
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