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How to Elevate Your Big Day Stunning With Wedding Flowers

Your wedding big day is all about celebrating love and happiness! Regardless of the size of your wedding, each detail that adds to the vibe and importance of this particular occasion matters. Therefore, the choice of your wedding flower bouquet truly stands out as it reflects who you are individually and matches the aesthetics of your day. These floral arrangements can add charm, inject bursts of colour, and evoke deep sentiment, making them an essential part of the celebration.

Expressing Emotions Through Flowers

Flowers have a long history of symbolizing love, happiness, and new beginnings. Surprisingly, they can express feelings and messages without needing words. So, when you select your wedding flower bouquet, you're not just picking a beautiful arrangement; you're choosing a symbol that represents your unique love story.

Personalised to Perfection

One of the best aspects of a wedding flower bouquet is its versatility, whereby you can easily customise it based on the wedding theme, colour palette, and personal style. Hence, the choice is unlimited, from classic roses to hydrangeas or a modern yet vibrant arrangement with tulips and orchids! Ultimately, it is a bouquet that has to be perfect to match your vision.

Complementing Your Bridal Look

Next, your wedding gown is undoubtedly a showstopper, but the right bouquet can complement and enhance your bridal look. Therefore, the flower's size, shape, and colours can harmonise beautifully with your dress, creating a cohesive and stunning appearance that wedding photos will capture for years.

A Keepsake to Treasure

After your wedding day, your bouquet becomes a precious keepsake. Some brides preserve it, while others make it a lovely arrangement or press it as a sentimental memento. No matter what you choose, your wedding flower bouquet will always remind you of the love and joy you experienced on that particular day.

10 Most Requested Wedding Flowers at White On White and its meaning

  • Roses, renowned for symbolising love, romance, and passion, are the quintessential wedding flower, beautifully representing the couple's deep affection for each other. Next up, the tulip blossoms signify new beginnings and perfect love! Hence, it is a favourite choice to mark the commencement of a lifelong journey together.
  • Now, turning our attention to hydrangea, it represents gratitude and heartfelt emotions, introducing a touch of sincerity and appreciation to wedding decor. On the other hand, Baby's Breath symbolises purity and innocence, often enhancing the beauty of bridal bouquets and arrangements with its delicate presence.
  • Shifting to Eustoma, it embodies appreciation and charm and introduces elegance and grace to wedding floral designs. Meanwhile, the humble carnation conveys love and fascination all the time. Often, it provides couples with a versatile and budget-friendly option for their wedding flowers.
  • Now, consider the soothing presence of chamomile; it brings a sense of calm and patience. Hence, many brides make it a delightful addition to rustic and relaxed wedding aesthetics. As for Bunny Tail, grass adds a playful and whimsical touch to wedding florals, symbolising happiness and joy in marriage.
  • Meanwhile, Astilbe, its feathery plumes signify patience and dedication, beautifully reflecting the enduring commitment of marriage. Lastly, Parvifolia eucalyptus leaves introduce a trendy, modern element to wedding arrangements, representing the fresh and ever-growing love shared between the couple.

Have you decided what flowers you are after for your bouquet yet?

5 Outstanding Best Of The Best Bridal Bouquet Styles for Brides

Let's familiarize yourself with the details of the five iconic wedding flowers or wedding bouquet styles so you can confidently choose the right one!

  • First, the most famous Round Bouquet is also known as a "posy" or "nosegay," these bouquets are typically compact and rounded. They frequently consist of a single type of flower or a mix of tightly arranged blooms. Round bouquets are classic, making them suitable for various wedding styles.
  • Next, consider a Cascading Bouquet, sometimes called a waterfall bouquet, is a floral arrangement that gracefully drapes down from the bride's hands, creating a beautiful and trailing effect.
  • On the other hand, Hand-tied bouquets offer a more relaxed and organic appearance. They are usually bound together with ribbon or twine, exposing the stems. 
  • Meanwhile, the Posy Bouquet is a compact, circular arrangement of flowers typically held in one hand. While these dainty designs are popular choices for bridesmaids, it's worth noting that many brides also choose to carry these charming bouquets.
  • Finally, the Teardrop Bouquet stands out with its meticulous arrangement and shaping of each flower to create an elegant teardrop design. This results in a formal and sophisticated floral arrangement.

Have you figure out which style suits your taste? Need assistance? Reach out to us to discuss your preference!

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